First Daughter (2004 film)

The main character here decides to make a cool change in her life, and one very bad guy helps her. However, there is one interesting detail: she is not just a girl, but the daughter of the US president, and she only goes to college to taste “normal life”. But she has no idea that her father hires a young secret agent to follow her within the university walls. Reminds me of a funky plot, doesn’t it?

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

If you haven’t seen this story from Netflix yet, you’d rather turn it on, you won’t be disappointed ;). a clumsy schoolgirl, Lara Jean, who wrote letters for all the guys she used to be in love with. Naturally, she was not going to send them, but – surprise surprise! – They still reached their recipients for some reason.

Three Steps Above Heaven (2010).

For those who do not have enough Spanish passions 😉 The film that made Mario Casas famous and made millions of girls around the world fall in love with him without memory. It is a story about a couple from different worlds. Ace is a bad guy from a poor neighborhood, and Babi is a sweet and kind girl from a rich family. Despite all the differences, fate brings them together and, thanks to this encounter, they learn all the charms and sorrows of the first love. -we definitely recommend watching. By the way, there is the second part, and it is also cool.

One day

good girl, bad boy, college. Except that they only meet for one day (but every year ;). And although at first they decide to stay friends, with each new meeting they realize that there is more to it than that… A super romantic picture, and also with Anne Hathaway in the lead role – definitely worth your attention!

Reality bites.

The ’90s, young Winona Ryder and the epic love triangle – what more do you need for a good drama? The main character, Lilaina, is making a documentary about youth, rebellion and what are commonly called the best years in life. Her rebellious friend Tray and promising producer Michael are involved in the filming. Without knowing it, Liline suddenly finds herself at a crossroads between the two, and she faces a difficult choice.


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