Reminiscence movie review

Reminiscence Movie Review (2021)

The specific movie that we are evaluating or reviewing today is called Reminiscence 2021. It is not to be confused with the 2018 movie of the same name.

Our goal is to give you the heads up so that you can make the best decision for you and your family as to whether or not you want to spend time or money or both watching a specific movie.

Sometimes we wonder why these directors make movies with the same names. Surely, they could think of a different name however in the case of Reminiscence movie it actually is a good name.

Reminiscence movie is available now in theaters and on HBO max. It’s rated PG-13 and it’s an hour and 56 minutes.

We are going to give you an overview in a brief. We will point out things we liked and didn’t like, offer tips for parents, themes worth discussing about and even some recommendations for other movies that we think you might like.

Story: Reminiscence Movie

This movie had us at Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson. We loved them both and together in the movie, the greatest showman that they paired up again.

Nick bannister is played by Hugh Jackman and he’s a private investigator of the mind. He navigates the alluring world of the past when his own life is changed by a new client May which is played by Rebecca Ferguson.

A simple case becomes an obsession after she disappears and he fights to learn the truth about her so this dramatic mystery is directed by Lisa Joy who happens to be the sister-in-law of the famous director Christopher Nolan.

She’s married to Christopher Nolan’s brother and that’s awesome. This is her debut feature film after directing the popular HBO show ‘West World’. We never unfortunately got into that TV show partly but watched maybe the first 20 minutes of the first episode and it just didn’t grab us.

Though it has huge fans but we have also heard that there are some problems with that show. Some of the episodes, some of the directing and those problems seem to be carried into this film.

Things we liked About Reminiscence Movie

Some of the things i really liked about this movie are:

  • Adorable Hugh Jackman and he’s so talented handsome and charming. His fans will be thrilled to see him shirtless quite a few times in this film. He gives a good performance and does a really good job although he may not be perfectly past for this film.
  • Rebecca Ferguson is also so beautiful and charming. We also love her, paired with Tom Cruise and The Mission Impossible movies.
  • We all fell in love with Rebecca Ferguson in the greatest showman especially when she sang only to learn that her voice was actually dubbed by American idol contestant Lauren Allred who has a stunning voice.

It’s difficult to believe she didn’t win that season because when we heard that voice in the greatest showman, we were just my mouth dropped and we thought who is Rebecca, the one singing that because it was so beautiful.

In this movie we also get to hear the real singing voice of Rebecca Ferguson which is really fun just to hear her voice unfortunately it’s nowhere near the level of Lauren Allred’s voice but good for Rebecca Ferguson for giving it a shot.

She mentioned recently that she was scared but that she was also open to trying new things and so she sings in the movie

Tandy Newton is such a likable actress and she’s really cute Also in a Mission Impossible movie ‘Many Years Ago’, ‘Just lovely’, etc.

The scenes that are shown at the very beginning of the film were fascinating to see these cityscapes and they’re flooded. There are lights turned on in the buildings and you’re like wait what is this, what’s happening?

We wanted to learn more about what happened to make those images actually occur so very good world building with some very cool visual effects.

Movie has beautiful cinematography and some really great shots and as far as the story goes. There were some fun twists we like that.

Things That Could Have Been Better

The biggest problem is the Screenplay itself. It just stalls in an attempt at kind of an apocalyptic film Noir. It falls far short of its potential.

In terms of storytelling, it’s a bit confusing and even boring at the same times the pacing is slow which is problematic.

The action sequences are just not that good nothing, we haven’t really seen before. There is an underwater scene but we’ve seen underwater fighting it seemed like it was serviceable but nothing where you would leave the movie going.

There are some insightful lines and the movie actually tries very hard to be profound and insightful and yet some of the dialogue is very uninspiring. Sadly this movie ultimately is going to be very forgettable when it comes to the world building that originally was super cool.

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We felt like the world building wasn’t completely thought out many of the parts of the dystopian world just didn’t quite make sense and as much as we loved the talented cast. However, some of them didn’t seem to be ideal choices for the roles like Tandy Newton.

We’re supposed to believe that she was this tough military warrior during this last recent war that she has this big reputation even though she is a very petite woman and she’s very feminine and we are not saying feminine women but she’s very petite didn’t look super strong and then she also plays sort of a love interest role – best friend.

It’s also really hard to get invested in some of these characters partly because the storyline is boring and it just kind of goes on and on and they weren’t super charismatic characters

Parental Advisory: Reminiscence Movie

First of all kids are going to be bored and as we mentioned so will many adults. You see people in their bathing suits or in their underwear because they’ve got to get into this tank where they have electrodes put on while they’re in water.

They were trying to go with a visual difference something that looked different but these people are going to get electrocuted.

There is some violence, there is profanity, and people die. There are hand-to-hand combat guns and other weapons.

Pre-marital relations mostly clothes but there’s some action going on that you see it’s inappropriate for children

Movie Theme: Reminiscence Movie

One of the themes is of course love in its different forms. Other themes are Judging Others, Living in the past versus living in the present, yearning and what we do to fill that yearning in our hearts, military, brotherhood is sort of mentioned and self-deception

Some Interesting Lines

This line is spoken by Nick Bannister who’s played by Hugh Jackman and he says, “we’re all haunted by something” and it’s that haunting that yearning that propels this character and provides motivation for this character to keep searching for something or someone.

We always write down funny lines and interesting lines while watching the movie so we can tell you what to expect from the feel and the flavor of the movie.

One of the lines is early on in the movie and Tandy Newton says “you’re late” and she’s speaking to Hugh Jackman’s character and he runs this facility where you can go back in time and he says “late is a construct of linear time and we don’t believe in that” which is true.

We found that cute and funny and also set the stage for this new type of technology that does allow you to go back in time and then Hugh Jackman also plays the role of narrator you know looking back on the great wisdom that he has gained during the course of the events that happened in the movie.

He says a lot of wise things and so one of the first things that he does say at the beginning which is repeated at the end is the past can haunt a man that’s what they say the past is just a series of moments each one is a perfect bead on the necklace of time.

We’ve also read other reviews from other reviewers who just say that is just a lame line. We liked it so wrote it down but it’s kind of forcing that great wisdom and it feels a little forced.

Another line that he says is “if there’s a ghost to be found it’s us, we haunt the past” and that was actually insightful and interesting because the past is done and we’re the ones that go back looking for it. Drumming up the old messages that we tell ourselves or trying to relive.

What we’ve done in the past and ultimately sends the message that what we need to do is learn from the past and move forward, not spend so much time in the past rehashing things or wishing things were different.

Who you are now is because of what you learned in the past so don’t begrudge it don’t hate the past accept who you are now and that. Who you are is because of all of the trials the challenges the mistakes.

Final Words: Reminiscence Movie

Putlocker Movie review grade we are getting Reminiscence Movie a ‘C’. It had a lot of room for improvement but there were some pieces that really did well. Before you end up let us give you some recommendations for just a couple of other movies that we think you’ll also enjoy that are sort of similar in different ways.

The first one that came to my mind was Blade Runner where there’s a dystopian type of a world and a yearning a searching and some lessons learned and some narration and it kind of feels like a futuristic film noir.

Another movie was Inception where there are layers of meanings and of course playing with time and ability and that thing we think both of those movies are much better than this one but if you do choose to watch this movie we hope you enjoy it.

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