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Twelve years ago, when the adaptation of Lee Child’s novel with Tom Cruise in the main role was released, even though the film itself was received quite well, fans of the series were in uproar. Initially, Amazon Prime’s proposal was better received.

Lee Child’s grown child

Reacher is a widely read series of novels about a former military police major by British writer Lee Child. The first volume was published in 1997, and currently the series consists of almost thirty volumes. Each volume tells a separate story, but all of them focus on the main character of Jack Reacher, a former soldier of good stature and equally strong principles.

The first two seasons of the Amazon series are based on the first and eleventh novels of the series. The first part, taking place in the suspiciously well-kept town of Margrave, was very well received by fans of the series. The second part, recalling the history of unit 110, aroused slightly less positive emotions.

Probably keeping in mind the controversy caused by the casting of Tom Cruise, an almost two-meter-tall blond man with blue eyes, Amazon decided to approach the topic more tactfully. At first glance, Alan Ritchson seems to be the perfect Reacher – tall, muscular, with limited facial expressions. Nevertheless, it is difficult to avoid the impression that his – to put it mildly – sparse acting is somewhat insulting to the novel’s hero. Tom Cruise, who is a talented and experienced actor, definitely wins in this field. But Krakow wasn’t built in a day, the series will undoubtedly be continued and perhaps Ritchson will show viewers a slightly wider range of means of expression. For now, Reacher is faithfully following the instructions of a legendary veteran of soap operas and lip gloss advertisements for men: Joe Tribbiani. But this is not the biggest problem of the series.

For trouble 110

The first season, in which Reacher deals with his brother’s murderers, kept the balance between the criminal plot and the eye-catching murderer quite well. Let’s face it, Lee Child’s novels are not at the level of Dostoyevsky, but simple crime stories in which a slightly far-fetched thriller plot plays an equally important role as the values ​​of the women entangled in the uncomplicated plot. There’s nothing wrong with it, such literature is liked and needed, and it has many fans who expect it to stick to these assumptions. The first season of Reacher lifted these expectations quite well and gave hope for the future.

The second part of the adventures of the former major, who receives news of the sudden death of one of his former comrades, unfortunately lost this balance in a visible way, moving strongly towards showiness, bordering on absurdity. The first episodes do not announce such a turn of events – we meet Reacher again in the next town he visits, where, according to his custom, he exchanges a set of clothes for clean ones at a second-hand store (this is always the moment when the more pragmatic recipients sigh slightly at the possibility of finding a better place of complete clothing for such dimensions) and carelessly doing good, this time saving a blackmailed woman from trouble. In such natural circumstances, he receives news about the death of one of his former comrades from special unit 110, coming from Neagley (Maria Sten), who was once a member of 110. Reacher responds to the call and, together with Neagley, Dixon (Serinda Swan), with whom he has some loose ends, and O’Donnell (Shaun Sipos), tries to explain what really happened to the rest of the unit.

Too fast, too furious

And everything would be fine if the creators of the series had not suffered from the well-known “faster, better, stronger” disease. Better is the enemy of good, but this is a truth that Reacher’s scriptwriters (and they are not the only ones) decided to turn a blind eye to. Having spread the plot of a short novel into 8 episodes, they filled it with fireworks of exaggeration. Instead of admiring the spectacular action scenes, fans of the series use websites to list the stupidities that disturbed their viewing experience while watching them.

And yet it was really good. Reacher is correct, although a bit slow not only in the sprint, the women are beautiful and willing, Robert Patrick in the role of a ruthless villain – and the one who put it in his mouth to say that he has no idea who Sarah Connor is, this spark of humor brightened this season! Plus a great supporting character in the person of the last honest cop: Guy Russo (Domenick Lombardozzi).

And you have to stick to this, simple solutions, direct wit, accurate shot in the face. And not make Reacher another failed clone of Mission: Impossible. So let’s hope the words of criticism reach the creators of the series and let them return to the proven tracks of the first season.

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