Professor X

Professor Charles Xavier – also known as Professor X. Mutant, telepath, founder of the X-Men team and a private school for young mutants. A Marvel comic book character.

The creators of the characters are Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Lee was inspired by Martin Luther King, who was later contrasted by his counterpart Malcolm X, Magneto. Unlike Magneto Xavier believes in the peaceful coexistence of people (homo sapiens) and mutants (homo superior), therefore he sets up the Xavier Institute, where he teaches young mutants to use his skills. Xavier is most often portrayed as confined to a wheelchair, although he has repeatedly regained the use of his legs in comics. He is a powerful telepath, as well as an expert in genetics and the creator of Cerebro, a machine that multiplies its power and allows you to search for new mutants. Xavier also brings to life the X-Men team, which openly opposes the threats awaiting mutants. Its ranks include, among others Cyclops, Jean Gray, Wolverine, Storm, Rogue, Shadowcat and Colossus. His greatest opponents are Magneto, Juggernaut, Sentinele, Apocalypse.

Professor X in the films made by 20th Century Fox about the adventures of X-Men. Stewart starred, among others in the films ” X-Men ” (2000), ” X-Men 2 ” (2003) and ” Logan: Wolverine ” (2017). Playing a younger version of Professor McAvoy, he appeared in the films ” X-Men: First Class ” (2011), ” X-Men: The Past that will come ” (2014) and “X-Men: Dark Phoenix “(2019). Xavier was also the protagonist of the animated series” X-Men “(1992-1997) and” X-Men: Evolution “(2000-2003).

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