Watch Horimiya Online

Description Horimiya is the perfect spring anime you can watch right now. Hori San and Miyamura are polar opposites. Witness their weird combo in this polished and beautiful anime. It’s one of the best slices of anime.

Watch Big Shots Online

Description Disney Plus’s new installment Big Shot’s is an entertaining series. It is about a temperamental basketball coach who gets fired from a high school due to his anger issues. Cast: John Stamos as Marvyn Korn, Jessalyn as Gilsig, Richard Robichaux as George Pappas

Watch Cannibal Troll Online

Description A troll is a dangerous creature but in this movie, the troll is a cannibal and his latest victims are a group of female friends. Directed by: Scott Jeffrey and Rebecca Matthews Cast: Georgina Jane as Casey O’Connor, Zuza Tehanu as Troll, Barbara Dabson as Yara, and Faith Kiggundu as Keily.