Paul Mescal Fears The Impact “Gladiator 2” May Have On His Life

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Paul Mescal in Gladiator 2

Fame has its good and bad sides. For some actors it is a dream come true, for others it is a nightmare. Paul Mescal definitely belongs to the latter group.

Paul Mescal On The Shadows Of Popularity

In an interview with the British edition of “The Times”, Paul Mescal talked about how recognition changed his everyday life. The actor fears that appearing in “Gladiator 2” may further increase his popularity and, consequently, worsen his life.

I don’t know what difference it will make. Maybe I’m naive? Will more people just stop me on the street? I will be deeply saddened if this happens and I hope it is not true. I’ll find out the answer next year, but if the movie affects my life like that, I’ll be in a bad place, he said.

Why are we doing this? It scares me. Acting should never be reduced to the number of followers on Instagram, he said. In recent years, people have been talking about movies and TV shows as content. It’s a terrible word. It’s not any content, it’s just work. I’m not a snob, but I see two competing industries here. One of them is based on a lack of sensitivity and artistic integrity. You’ll go crazy, you’ll do things for your Instagram followers, whatever… The second one is the art of making films: the craft of direction, lighting, set design. It keeps artists alive. And the audience wants to be challenged.

Paul Mescal’s Most Important Roles:

Paul Mescal gained recognition thanks to the role of Connell in the series “Normal People”. Also noteworthy are his performances in Maggie Gyllenhaal’s “Daughter” and Charlotte Well’s Aftersun“, which earned him his first Oscar nomination. Currently, his filmography ends with the melodrama “Good Strangers”.

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