One Of The Best Cinema Films With Deep Meaning

One Of The Best Cinema Films With Deep Meaning
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USA, 2012

A young boy who gets bullied by his peers on a daily basis. A young couple who has lost their baby and with it the warmth of their relationship. A lonely guy who was doing virtual sex for money and what they all have in common is that they are caught in the same trap. The trap of the virtual world. “No Connection” is a poignant social drama that reminds us once again that the internet is no substitute for real people and feelings.


Ireland, UK, 2013

Since James Lovell, the protagonist is a priest who considers. It is his duty to heal his parishioners’ wounds and absolve them of their sins. The drama here revolves around such difficult topics for humanity as the crisis of faith, compassion, and forgiveness. However, the whole plot revolves around the fact that, in confession, one of Father James’ parishioners says he will kill him. To kill him because many years ago, when he was a child, this parishioner was abused by a priest. That priest is long dead, but the desire for revenge remains.

Labour Day

USA, 2013

A single woman and her son live in a small town where everyone knows everyone else. She wants nothing she tried to live once, but it didn’t work out and she shut herself away in her house. She tries to communicate with the world only through her son. That is until he appears in the life of this family. A criminal who is pursued by the whole police force of the city.

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