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One More Shot (2024)

It is not just filmed as though it were one long take, like its 2021 predecessor One Shot, it does something more important even than that. This film brings back James Nunn (Eliminators, Shark Bait) to direct and Jamie Russell (Lock In, Ghosted) to write alongside Scott Adkins (Section 8, Legacy of Lies) as Navy SEAL Jake Harris and Waleed Elgadi (The Curse of Hobbes House, Julius Caesar) as Amin Mansur the terrorist from the previous film.

Following on from the first movie’s events this time around Harris is bringing Mansur back stateside in order to try and get him to tell them where a dirty bomb has been planted that is set to go off during the State Of The Union Address which the President has refused to postpone again obviously. For leverage CIA Agent Marshall (Tom Berenger The Desperate Riders, Inception) has brought Mansur’s pregnant wife Niesha (Meena Rayann The Mauritanian, Kill Ben Lyk)  with him to meet their plane.

But they’re not the only ones waiting for the flight. Robert Jackson (Michael Jai White Batman: Soul of The Dragon, The Island) and a small army of mercenaries are also there looking for Mansur.

From almost its outset One More Shot pushes its credibility to breaking point with such things as having its flight diverted from Andrews Air Force base “for security reasons” so it can land at a closed off civilian airport instead; later on we see a group of supposedly elite mercenaries walk right past Harris while he sits talking on his phone in an ostensibly empty terminal mercifully shooting starts not long after that sort of thing.

If running around an airport in Washington DC fighting against both time and heavily armed opposition sounds familiar then yes you’ve seen Die Hard 2 too many times before but that’s not this film’s only problem. Something that becomes more and more apparent as the story plays out. Although a few issues with the script thereabouts most of the plot holds up well enough, with what Harris is up against expanding at a believable rate.

For a low budget film encroaching on the territory of a major action blockbuster One More Shot does very well indeed. Adkins makes a better action man than Willis ever did and fight choreographer Tim Man (Attack On Finland, Boyka: Undisputed) gives him plenty to do including two great dust-ups between Harris and one of Jackson’s liutenants Dunbar (Aaron Toney Wolf Warrior 2, Battle Drone).

Nunn and director of photography Job Reineke (Little Bone Lodge, Dust To Dust) capture it all for maximum impact but also constant movement. Being able to film in an actual airport Stansted Airport in London gave them quite a few different places to stage their action which helps keep things fresh when you’re fighting near endless hordes of tactical masked enemies.

When the cast isn’t busy beating each other up, they do an okay job in roles that don’t require much in the way of emotional range beyond scared or angry — except for Mansur and his wife. Berenger makes the most of his few minutes on screen, but Michael Jai White has even less time than that, with only a couple of short scenes before a solid if brief fight with Adkins. One More Shot is the best film he’s been in in years; it’s just too bad he’s hardly in it.

All told, One More Shot is a better-than-average action movie, both in terms of its mayhem and its production values. The slightly-too-open ending indicates that a third film is planned (which will be interesting to see how they wrap up this story arc / how many bullets they fire).

One More Shot hits Sky Cinema and digital platforms (Australia) on Jan. 12; Sony releases it into U.S. theaters Jan. 16.

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