Oliver Stone Apologizes For Criticizing “Barbie”: I Was Ignorant

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Oliver Stone (American film director)

One of the biggest cinema hits of last year was the movie “Barbie“. Not everyone seemed to be his fan, however. Oliver Stone spoke harshly about it. Now he apologizes for it. Why?

Stone: “Barbie” is an infantilization of cinema

The interview in which Oliver Stone criticizes “Barbie” took place many months ago, but recently it was rediscovered by the American Internet.

Stone had a radically negative opinion of “Barbie“. Here’s what she said at the time Ryan Gosling is wasting his time taking part in this shit for money. He should act in more serious films. He shouldn’t be part of the infantilization of Hollywood. Today’s cinema is full of fantasies, fantasies, fantasies. Even war cinema is fantasy, fantasy.

“I appreciate “Barbie” for its originality”

Now Oliver Stone has changed his mind. In a post published on. He also admitted that when he saw “Barbie“, he was very surprised by Greta Gerwig approach to history. He also appreciated its originality and the topics discussed. He also stated that the film’s box office achievements helped rebuild morale among filmmakers.

So he apologized for his words, which stemmed from his ignorance. But he also did not spare any regret towards the American media, which now recalled his words.


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