North Country

North Country
North Country

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Who says a woman’s place is in the kitchen ? What if she wants to work in a mine because it pays well and she has children to feed? The main character Josie Ames returns to her hometown in Northern Minnesota to find a job and has to find a job at a mine where almost all the local men, including her father, work. The women working in the mine are few and far between, and they all have to endure the harsh taunts and negative attitudes of the men. One can, of course, keep silent and tolerate, but then how can one defend one’s rights and dignity? “North Country” is a film based on true events.


Screen Shots


Charlize Theron, Jeremy Renner, Frances McDormand

Movie Info

Release date – October 21, 2005 (United States)
Country of origin – United States
Filming locations – Chisholm, Minnesota, USA
Official sites – Warner Bros (France)Warner Bros. (United States)
Language – English
Also known as – Class Action
Production companies – Warner Bros.Industry EntertainmentParticipant
Budget – $35,000,000 (estimated)
Gross US & Canada – $18,337,722
Gross worldwide – $25,211,175
Opening weekend US & Canada – $6,422,455Oct 23, 2005
Taglines – All She Wanted Was To Make A Living. Instead She Made History.
Genre – Drama


IMDb – 7.3/10
Metacritic – 68%
Rotten Tomatoes – 69%

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