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No Way Up (2024)

No exit? They should have named it Sharks on a Plane! The No Way Up movie trailer has action, drama and adventure but what was released did not meet that expectation. It’s like a dish gone bad still edible. So you can enjoy it if you can bite around the burnt and crusty parts. That is the category into which No Way Up falls.

Is No Way Up a terrible film?

Absolutely not! Does it deserve all those one-star ratings on Letterboxd? Maybe not. Are there problems with this movie? Absolutely! No Way Up is just another one of those movies where they put all the good stuff in the trailer. The story beats are well played out in the trailer, unfortunately, that is all worth watching. If you give away your best parts in a trailer, that’s fine. But when you can’t pad them with a few interesting ideas or storylines that’s when it becomes a problem.

Let us take a step back for a moment.

No Way Up follows characters from different backgrounds (their words not mine) who find themselves in an odd situation. The plane they were on flies into some birds causing it to go down into the ocean. Sinking to the edge of this trench, some survivors get stuck in a small air pocket and need to figure out how to escape alive. And There are sharks in the plane!

Based solely off of that description, No Way Up sounds like one hell of a movie. In hindsight, maybe it would have been better left as an idea. Acting flat as Kansas shallow characters and lackluster action leave viewers wishing they too were stuck at the bottom of the ocean. This idea feels original—it has an exceptional trailer and Colm Meaney stars. It really should have been great.

Colm Meaney is truly this film’s saving grace but nooo let him speak in his natural accent. War veteran within two minutes of screen time bodyguard and an ocular patdown at the airport! Let this man shine! No Way Up would sink belly up without him, as is typical for A-listers who get ‘and’ credits in these types of movies. The first fifteen to twenty minutes of this movie are incredibly solid even though the movie tries to play itself up as a hijacker film during that time. And the last tenish minutes are pretty tense and effective. Everything in between those times is completely forgettable.

Oh and I’d be remiss not to mention the questionable music choices. The opening song is some pop punk song about climate change, and the credits song is just. whacky and out of place. That’s it.

I wished to enjoy this movie because it is a disaster, underwater horror film with sharks and Colm Meaney in it, but it’s a pity that there’s so much padding used to stretch the running time to an unnecessary hour and a half. Shave 10 minutes off No Way Up, send it through a couple more rounds of rewrites and maybe something good could come out of it. Who knows. All I know is you can dive in and see for yourself on February 16th, 2024. Don’t forget your scuba gear.

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