Netflix Has Its Own “Batgirl”. Filmed “The Mothership” with Halle Berry Canceled

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The epidemic of deleting (almost) finished projects is spreading to other platforms. Netflix is ​​following in the footsteps of HBO (Max), which canceled “Batgirl“. As revealed by jeffrey sneider, the platform has just deleted the movie “The Mothership“.

The movie with Halle Berry was trashed

“The Mothership” is the story of a woman whose husband disappeared in mysterious circumstances. A year after this event, the heroine discovers an object under her house that clearly does not come from Earth. Matt Charman, a screenwriter nominated for an Oscar for “Bridge of Spies“, was responsible for the film. “The Mothership” was supposed to be his feature-length directorial debut.

Halle Berry played the main role. The cast also included Molly Parker, John Ortiz and Omari Hardwick. “The Mothership” has already been shot. However, it turned out that nuts were needed. And that’s where Netflix stepped in. The platform did not agree to allow the team to return to the set and instead the entire project was thrown into the trash.

What’s next for Halle Berry’s collaboration with Netflix?

Halle Berry has been working with the platform for several years. It was Netflix that bought her feature-length directorial debut “Bruised” after its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. “The Union” is in preparation, in which Berry will star alongside Mark Wahlberg. Interestingly, information about the cancellation of “The Mothership” appears shortly after Scott Stuber announced that he was leaving Netflix to start his own company. And it was the head of the platform’s film department who was responsible for attracting Berry.

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