Netflix produces some of the most interesting serials of our time. But the channel specialises not only in series for teenagers, but also in films and documentaries. We have collected for you 7 of the scariest documentaries about real criminals. Read them, choose them and sit down to watch them.


The series includes the story of 10 different murders, with the story spinning around the last criminal convicted of the most brutal murders. The highlight of the series is that the story comes from the perpetrators, not the victims or the police, which completely changes the viewer’s perspective. Watch I Am A Killer right now

Survivors Guide to Prison.

The document is indeed shot in the survival guide format. Not only ordinary criminals but former law enforcement officials – lawyers, police officers, judges and others – are trying to survive. The film focuses mainly on two unjustly accused men, Reggie and Bruce, and their stories. Watch Survivors Guide To Prison right now

Making a Murderer.

Filmed over 10 years ago, this documentary series, produced by Emmy Award-winning Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, tells the story of Stephen Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey, who were wrongly accused of raping and killing a woman named Teresa Halbach in 2005. The first season focuses on the crime itself and the beginning of the trial, while the second season – released three years later – introduces Stephen’s new lawyer as well as the man who actually killed Therese. Watch Making a Murderer right now

Evil Genius

The series consists of four parts, and each part consistently tells the story of the loudest robbery in Pennsylvania. Brian Wells was forced to break into a bank with a bomb around his neck and rob it. And before that, he was just a pizza delivery guy… What made him break the law? This series will tell you. Watch Evil Genius right now

Babies behind bars.

Can you imagine putting a pregnant woman in prison? Well, we don’t, but it’s actually possible. This documentary tells you how pregnant women survive (or not) in prison, and what happens to babies. Watch Babies Behind Bars online.

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