Naruto’s Fate in Boruto

Naruto's Fate in Boruto

This article is strictly for Manga Readers and contains some Major Spoilers

The latest manga chapter of Boruto was as thrilling as ever. We got to witness the power of Borushiki. It was great but what happened to Naruto?

Sasuke was concerned and Naruto was not even moving. Is he Dead? 

Here are some theories that could be possible

  • Naruto is in Coma

Naruto is not dead. He is just in a coma state. His new mode was powerful but he stated that his new powers could end his life. Maybe the mode was too much for his body and he needs time to recover. The coma theory could be possible

  • Naruto is no longer a Jinchuriki

It might be possible that this new mode could kill him and to save his life, the nine tails shared his chakra with Naruto. Karuma sacrificed his life for Naruto. This scenario can nerf naruto down. Sasuke is also nerfed with his low chakra and now his Rinnegan is also gone. 

  • Naruto is dead

That would be a bad send-off. But it can be possible. The show is all about Boruto, naruto’s death can put the limelight on him. 

  • Naruto is not dead but could die anytime

Only Kawaki has the powers to save him. He might send him in a different dimension and preserve his body until he finds a way to cure him. That could be the most accurate theory as Kawaki tells Boruto that he will send him where he has sent Lord Hokage. Kawaki is attached with Naruto. He can do anything to save his beloved Hokage.

All these theories are quite popular. You can also discover more theories by visiting r/Boruto. We will have to wait till 20 February to find some answers. Meanwhile, you can watch Boruto for free on our website. Putlocker offers millions of movies, TV Shows, and anime for free. 

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