Must Watch The Best Thrillers Movies of 2017 

Thrillers Movies of 2017

Alien: Covenant 

2017 / Thriller, Horror / USA 

After an emergency aboard the Covenant space shuttle, its team, under whose responsibility several thousand settlers are sent to a new home, decides to land on an as-yet unexplored planet, which, at first glance, is more than suitable for life. They are greeted by a world with a breathable atmosphere, solid land, and lakes of fresh water, but an ominous silence reigns in it. A mysterious evil came here and killed all living things. The film is a continuation of the blockbuster “Prometheus” by Ridley Scott and tells about the origin of the sinister, bloodthirsty creatures known as Aliens. 

Blade Runner 2049 

2017 / Thriller / USA, Canada, UK 

A sequel to the 1982 hit movie Harrison Ford will again play the role of Rick Deckard, and it would be possible not to continue after that, because the world of Blade Runner is known to every modern viewer almost from the cradle, and the opportunity to return there fascinates and frightens. Of course, there will be more action as well as computer graphics, and Ford, Ryan Gosling, Jared Leto, Dave Bautista, Robin Wright, and Mackenzie Davis will appear on the screen. But most of all, I want the feeling of a terrible fairy tale to remain throughout the entire viewing, as it did many years ago. 

A Cure for Wellness 

2017/Drama, Thriller, Horror, Detective/USA 

Unlike most thrillers, this one is somewhat old-fashioned and even refers to the plot of the great novel by Thomas Mann. A mysterious sanatorium, patients who do not recover, a young man who has fallen in love with a mysterious stranger—all this is an occasion for a story about terrible experiments that need to be stopped immediately. 


2017 / Thriller, Horror / USA 

The creators of this film themselves admit that they drew inspiration from the Alien franchise. Space explorers find a simple organism that looks more like mold than an intelligent adversary. However, from that moment on, their hours are numbered. 

Ghost in the Shell 

2017 / Drama, Crime, Action / USA 

The huge world created based on the manga already includes several full-length animated films and series. Now it has been supplemented by a Hollywood film, in which the emphasis is so strongly shifted that Disney’s free interpretations of classic fairy tales are recalled. But we love Disney cartoons, and we will probably love the new film, which has turned into a story about self-determination, which is so important for a Westerner. 


2017 / Thriller, Horror / USA 

23 personalities coexist in the mind of the protagonist. Or rather, they got along – until the moment when some of his repressed “I” did not rebel against the rest. They believe that they can bring forth the twenty-fourth, and this is the strongest monster. But for it to appear, it is necessary to make a human sacrifice. 

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