Must Watch The Absolute Best Movies of the 2010s

Must Watch The Absolute Best Movies of the 2010s
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Director: Christopher Nolan. Genre: science fiction. Duration: 148 minutes. 

The director gives life to a real cinematic labyrinth and not happy with this tangled thread (indeed, more intertwined threads), he chooses to dare even more: the ending itself is almost open and in doubt. What is reality, what is a dream? In this regard, actors or the director himself intervened to talk about it and illustrate the theory, possibilities, and closures ( here and here in case you are interested). 

Shutter Island 

Director: Martin Scorsese. Genre: Thriller. Duration: 138 minutes. 

Throughout the film, reality and fiction mix, leaving former agent Daniels and the viewer in a state of utter confusion. Like a good storyteller, however, Scorsese provides the audience with pieces of a puzzle that will bring the truth to light. 

The Social Network 

Director: David Fincher. Genre: biographical. Duration: 121 minutes. 

At Harvard, what matters more than grades is being someone. The discourse, however, can be translated into the context of the entire civilization, focusing mainly on young people. And this David Fincher knows well. Precisely for this reason, he does not talk so much about Facebook and its conflictual and dramatic birth but mainly about the desire for success. 

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World 

Director: Edgar Wright Genre: action. Duration: 112 minutes. 

One of the film’s strengths is certainly the high level of identification that can be achieved during the film. As absurd as it may seem, each of us will have the opportunity to find ourselves in one of the characters described or to recognize some of his acquaintances. 

Alice in Wonderland 

Director: Tim Burton Genre: fantastic. Duration: 108 minutes. 

Tim Burton puts his signature vision at the service of the film adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s literary classic. With Johnny Depp, a guarantee when directed by Burton, the film can only be noteworthy in the film year and the fantasy cinema of recent years. 

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