Must-Watch Science Fiction Movies Of All Time Online

Must-Watch Science Fiction Movies Of All Time Online
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There are two films that adapt the novel by the Polish writer Stanislaw Lem: the first, perhaps the best known, is directed by the Soviet director Andrej Tarkovskij in 1972. The second, much more recent, is by Steven Soderbergh in 2002. Advertised as ” The answer of Soviet cinematography to 2001: A Space Odyssey”, Tarkovsky’s film is set in an unspecified future, where the protagonist, a psychologist, Kris Kelvin ( Donatas Banionis ), is sent to the space station orbiting the planet Solaris to understand what happened to the few scientists left up there.

The planet – covered by an immense ocean – is an alien entity, perhaps a thinking brain, capable of materializing what is hidden in the recesses of the human psyche. Kelvin will have to deal with this power: his wife Hari ( Natalija Bondarchuk ), who committed suicide years earlier, will appear before him. Arrived on the station to remedy the influence of the planet on the psyche of others. Kelvin will therefore have to deal with his own ghosts. Considered a “consciousness fiction” film, Solaris is anguished and obsessive in its slow, enigmatic pace. The film has a hypnotic power that nails the viewer to the screen with images that have never been seen in cinema, science fiction, or otherwise.

Star Wars


George Lucas ‘ immortal Star Wars saga consists of three trilogies and has enjoyed vast commercial and commercial success, with a total gross of ten billion dollars, making Star Wars the second most profitable film franchise after Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among the various awards obtained are ten Academy Awards. The saga holds the Guinness World Record for Most Profitable Science Fiction Series. In 2017, the total value of Star Wars was estimated at $43 billion, making it the second most profitable franchise after Pokémon.

The events of Star Wars take place in a fictional galaxy in an unspecified past era. His universe is populated by humans and several other sentient species. Robots and droids are widespread and used extensively to perform a variety of tasks for their owners. The discovery of hyperspace has also enabled space travel, with spaceships allowing rapid travel between the many planets in the galaxy. Most planets are affiliated with a single galactic government; in the prequel trilogy, it is the Galactic Republic, replaced by the Galactic Empire at the end of the events of Revenge of the Sith and during the original trilogy. Following the defeat of the Empire and throughout the sequel trilogy. The galaxy is once again ruled by the New Republic,



In the year 2057 the Sun is going out, and the planet Earth and mankind are at risk of extinction due to a progressive global freeze. To try to save them. An expert crew of three astronauts and five scientists was sent on a mission aboard the huge Icarus II spaceship, with the task of dropping and detonating a gigantic stellar atomic bomb in the star in order to restart the nuclear reactions inside the Sun and avoid its extinction. Seven years earlier, the spaceship Icarus I had been sent to carry out the same mission. But all traces of it had been lost before it reached its goal. Icarus II, therefore, represents the last chance. All the fissile material found on Earth was used to make the bomb.

Sunshine, is a science fiction film directed by Danny Boyle (Trainspotting). The film is full of references to other films of the genre such as Solaris, Alien, and 2001 A Space Odyssey. Visually convincing. It can be considered a highly claustrophobic thriller that immerses the viewer in a terrifying and gloomy atmosphere. Excellent cast Cillian Murphy stands out, an actor now a fetish of the English director.



The energy on Earth is no longer a problem. Lunar has found a way to generate it in a clean and non-harmful way by exploiting the material of which the rocks on the dark side of the Moon are made. To supervise the work of the machinery. Since A base has been set up on the natural satellite of the Earth inhabited only by a handyman computer with a human voice and by a man, alone, Who has almost reached the end of his three very long years of contract and is increasingly the victim of the jokes tiredness and loneliness cause him. It will be a near-fatal accident that unhinges the mechanism of deception that lies behind his work by unexpectedly bringing him into contact with another self.

Moon, the first feature film directed by director Duncan Jones (son of the famous singer David Bowie ). A courageous and successful film. With a budget of only five million dollars. Jones has managed to create one of the best science fiction films of recent years, thanks to an original screenplay and the excellent performance of Sam Rockwell. The only actor presents on stage.

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