Must Watch Recent Films of the 2020 Year

Must Watch Recent Films of the 2020 Year
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The Father 


Based on the play of the same name, Florian Zeller’s The Father is one of the most beautiful films to see in 2020. The story is that of a daughter who has to do with her father suffering from Alzheimer’s and it is good not to go beyond the cue so as not to spoil the impact of this film, which is a real experience. Elegant drama, set almost exclusively in Anthony’s (Anthony Hopkins) house, essential and touching, which at times moves like a thriller. Hopkins’ extraordinary performance earned him the Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role. 



Nomadland, the best film at the 2021 Oscars, tells the story of Fern ( Frances McDormand ), a woman who became a nomad not by her own choice, but after the closure of the factory she worked for with her later deceased husband. Since Chloe Zhao talks about America and the nomads (the film is based on Jessica Bruder’s investigative novel), she widens her gaze from Fern’s intimate perspective to the boundless landscapes she crosses. An evocative, touching, sobering, and visually striking film. 

Hidden Away 


An Elio Germano as he had never seen before is the main, but not the only reason to see this immense biography of an unforgettable Italian painter. Antonio Ligabue, with his troubles and life full of obstacles, still manages to express his fragile and wonderful being. Silver Bear for Best Actor at the Berlin Film Festival. 



Why should Tenet be seen? not only because it is Christopher Nolan’s new film but also because it is the symbol of the reopening of cinemas in 2020. So, a concentration of adrenaline, action, and mental work, with the usual meticulous attention to detail, is a single word to describe a film that cannot be missed. 

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