With a typewriter or voice recorder – it does not matter with what: these people are dangerous even with a piece of paper, because their fate is to tell the truth.

The Last Word.

Harriett is a successful business woman, to whom every detail is important. She is lived a great life, achieved a lot and now wants to describe all the achievements in the obituary to leave the world beautifully. The text has to be perfect, so Hariett commissions a young journalist, Anne, to create it.

The girl begins to gather information and understands that Harriett has lived a boring and meaningless life, and she is not going to make up facts.

Black mirror.

The world famous Netflix series is a example of how the media can control humanity. In the episode “The National Anthem” for the first time appeared a fictional UKN media corporation, which will then travel by season and broadcast by example the worst aspects of the world’s media. UKN violates the official ban on publishing information about the security of the state, blackmails the prime minister and prepares an obituary for the princess in her lifetime. We recommend watching ‘Black Mirror’

Superman II (1980).

It is hard to imagine that such a mountain of muscles can be so formed! A super powerful alien named Clark Kent from the planet Krypton has nothing to do with being a reporter on the Daily Planet. For the sake of his beloved Superman has forgotten about his heroic cloak and is living the most ordinary life. But one of his old cases makes sense. Once, saving Paris from terrorists, Superman threw a bomb into space. And who would have thought, but this throw launched a series of terrible events for the earthlings. The space bombing destroyed the prison, where the rebellious General Zod. now go and watch what happen next.

Dossier secret.

Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, who won a record 21 Oscar nominations for their role in this film, “The Secret File” directed by Steven Spielberg.

Military analyst Daniel Ellsberg illegally copied information from the Pentagon and in 1971 gave it to The New York Times for publication in hopes of a scandal around the Vietnam War and government actions.

A rainy day in New York.

In the performance of the inimitable Woody Allen, journalists can be as passionate as Ashley in his movie “Rainy Day in New York”. Gatsby goes to New York with his girlfriend Ashley, who is to interview the famous director. The guy dreams of spending a romantic weekend with her and walking around his favorite places, but their plans hopelessly fall apart. The young journalist falls under too strong influence of the city and some of its inhabitants. “Rainy Day in New York City” is an atmospheric and charming film with Timothy Shalame, El Fanning, Selena Gomez and Jude Law starring.

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