“Thirteen” is an independent film by Kathryn Hardwick. The script was written by Nikki Reed (she also starred in a duet with Evan Rachel Wood), and the film was based on her memories of difficulties in adolescence.

The film focuses on the dark side of the teenage world – the drama here, as in “13 reasons why” will be enough. Despite its small budget and production, the film was well received by critics and even won several nominations.

Brick .

“Brick” is the debut of director Ryan Johnson (you probably know his films like “Knives Out” and “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”). Another independent film, and the script for it, by the way, was written by Ryan himself, so here is his signature mixture of thriller and detective. Like in “13 reasons why”, the main characters of the movie are in high school, and they have to untangle one mysterious case (and the stakes there are also very high).

The fans of the series will surely appreciate not only the plot and interesting characters, but also the game of young actors – the cast coped with their roles just fine.

If I stay.

The story of a teenage girl Mia (played by Chloe Moritz), who was in a car accident with her family. And while Mia fights for her life throughout the film, her innermost thoughts and emotions are revealed to the audience.

The film reveals the themes of teenage love, death and loss – the same themes we see in “13 Reasons Why”.

Bad Education.

If you want something a little easier, then you’ll like “bad Education” – a film, which, by the way, was released only in 2019. It is a light teen comedy by Olivia Wilde with Caitlin Weaver and Beanie Feldstein starring.

Two high school girls, who spent all their school years behind the rosary, decide to hang out in recent days and catch up at the hottest party of the year. There is a lot of school subjects, as well as in “13 reasons why”, only seasoned with comedy elements instead of drama.

Donnie Darko.

And if, on the contrary, you are looking for something even darker than “13 reasons why,” then “Donnie Darko” will come to your aid. This science fiction thriller with young Jake Gyllenhaal starring and it is really creepy.

story of a high school student named Donnie, who after an accident learned to manage time and destiny. The film itself is o-o-very intense, and there are many unexpected (but cool!) turns.

Fast times at Ridgemont High.

A 80s comedy melodrama with Sean Penn starring. The action here also takes place in high school, this time in California, and if you compare the situation with “13 reasons why”, you can understand that in the life of teenagers for these forty years has not changed much ;).

But this is also a funny and easy option for those who do not want to break their hearts.

Paper Towns.

The screen adaptation of one of the most popular novels by John Green with Kara Delevin and Neth Wolff starring. There are riddles, drama, a pinch of comedy and, naturally, a touching love story – in short, ideal for fans of “13 reasons why”.

two teenagers – Margot and Quentin – who were best friends as children, but gradually separated from each other. One day, Margot disappeared, but left clues that could help Quentin find her. It is worth adding that the chemistry between these two is as cool as it was between Hannah and Clay.

Knives Out.

Relatively fresh detective, which pleasantly impresses not only with an interesting plot, but also with the cast. There is Catherine Langford (aka Hannah from “13 reasons why”), Chris Evans, Jaden Martell, and even Ana de Armas

Breakfast Club.

A classic that should definitely be included in your must watch list.

The beauty of this film is that it is both very simple and deep. Five high school students from different social strata and groups stay in punishment after school and try to find a common language (in the end, of course, they understand that school labels and stereotypes are the last most important thing). Similarly, in the “13 reasons why” characters spinning in different social circles ultimately help and support each other.

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