Moments Where Deadpool Made Fun of Other Superheroes

We are counting down various moments where Deadpool made fun of other superheroes. For this list we are looking at instances where the merch with a mouth took a jab at his colleagues or enemies for a good laugh. We will be including references from both the comics and movies.

Outselling Superman – “Deadpool vs Thanos #1” (2015)

Fans of the deadpool comics have been blessed with numerous jokes at the expense of other superheroes and not just marvel ones. 

In the comic Deadpool vs Thanos #1, Wade is perplexed when he shoots doctor Doom only for the villain to come back to life. Talking to Black Talon about the situation, he realizes that Thanos must have captured death and decides to rescue her.

When Talon tries to warn him about how powerful Thanos is, Deadpool snarkily boasts that he’s quoting an unkillable mutant merc who regularly outsells superman. Not even the man of steel is safe from Deadpool’s pot shots.

Visiting the X-Mansion – Deadpool (2016)

When Deadpool visited the X-Mansion in the first Deadpool movie, viewers held their breath waiting for Wolverine or Professor X to make a cameo. We didn’t get that but what we got was still hilarious. 

There was Deadpool’s mocking nicknames for negasonic teenage warhead and colossus “go get silver balls” then there was the moment when he went meta and wondered out loud why the movie didn’t feature more X-Men “wait out here okay, it’s a big house it’s funny that i only ever see two of you it’s almost like the studio couldn’t afford another X-Men”.

He would return to the X-Mansion with the same question in the sequel and viewers would get something of an answer this time at Deadpool’s expense. “I am not X-Men material at all first off I’m not even a virgin second..” 

Calling Cable Thanos – Deadpool 2 (2018) 

The second Deadpool movie is chock full of pop culture nods and jabs. When Deadpool learns that Russell will go on to kill Cable’s family in the future he strikes a deal with Cable to try to convince the young Russell to change his dark future.

“promise you, give me a chance to put him on a different path.” “Define a chance”. “I don’t know how long it takes to save someone’s soul.” “I will give you 30 seconds”. 

After Russell blows the doors of the orphanage open cable insists he’s too far gone but Deadpool quips back.

It’s the perfect shutdown thanks of course to the fact that Josh Brolin who plays Cable also portrayed the mad titan in the marvel cinematic universe. 

Aversion to Green Suits – Deadpool (2016)

Much has been said about the quality of the 2011 movie, Adaptation of green lantern starring Ryan Reynolds. With Reynolds playing Deadpool it was a foregone conclusion that the merc with a mouth would ridicule his previous role 

When Wade is recruited for experimental cancer treatment he pokes fun at his former dc character as he’s being pulled along on a gurney he remarks, “and please don’t make the super suit green or animated”. 

This throwaway line is a perfect jab at Green Lantern’s heavy use of CGI especially on the hero’s costume which was widely criticized upon the movie’s release.

Hulk’s Intelligence – “Deadpool #9” (2020)

In this issue of the comics, Deadpool is stuck in the Bone Beast dimension. After fighting off several bone beasts wade learns that the bone beast queen wants to take over his body. 

In the midst of a fight with one of the beasts, Deadpool decides he wants to hulk out of his current predicament because “hulk is real dumb and pulls it off all the time”.

He then quips that “he’s at least as dumb as the hulk”, hulk may be more brawn than brains but Bruce Banner is a brilliant theoretical physicist you might want to dial it back there Deadpool.

The Dark DCEU – Deadpool 2 (2018)

The dc versus marvel debate has been going on since both franchises started creating comics back in the 1930s. Both have seen their ups and downs “they say it was just one guy or a creature, or some [ __ ] in the costume”. 

As comic book movies became more mainstream in the 2000s, we saw a distinct difference in the tone of their respective films. “I will harvest the codex from your son’s corpse and I will rebuild krypton”. 

In Deadpool 2, our merc with a mouth takes notice of how driven Cable is and quips “so dark are you sure you’re not from the DC universe”, it’s a quick one-liner that reminds us of the lighter nature of films found on the marvel side of the fence.

Hawkeye Can’t Catch a Break – Deadpool 2 (2018) 

Compared to the likes of a super soldier, an Asgardian god and a rage monster. Hawkeye‘s inclusion in the avengers has always been an easy target to poke fun at. 

He’s a very skilled marksman but doesn’t actually have any superpowers or even a mechanized suit of armor. Essentially he’s just really good at firing arrows. 

When Deadpool finds himself locked up in the icebox with no superpowers he self-deprecates in the best way by comparing himself to the bow-slinging superhero “this collar on my superpower is just unbridled cancer, give me a bow and arrow I’m basically Hawkeye”.

Another Martha to the Mix – Deadpool 2 (2018)

When Batman vs Superman was released audiences were not thrilled with how the superheroes went from enemies to friends upon learning that their mothers had the same name. 

Since then the Martha moment has been the source of many jokes and criticisms even Deadpool himself got in a little jab in Deadpool vs Punisher #5. When he reenacts the scene to hilarious effect remarking quote, this changes everything however the best joke comes during Deadpool 2 where he explains to Vanessa why he’s late. “There was a bunch of handy capable children stuck in a tree and I had two, you’re right I was fighting a caped badass then we discovered his mom is named Martha too.

It’s yet another quick flash in the pan gag that only viewers of both movies would catch.

Why Deadpool won’t Join the X-Men – Deadpool 2 (2018)

When the first Deadpool movie was released, the only marvel characters that could be included beyond Wade himself were ones that 20th century fox still had rights to. “and you are negasonic teenage warhead, negasonic teenage what the shit, that’s the coolest name ever”. 

The most notable of these were the X-Men which Deadpool has a long and complicated history with it came as no surprise that during the movie Deadpool took his share of potshots at the mutant franchise one notable example of this happens shortly after capturing Francis on the bridge colossus tries to convince him to join the X-Men and Deadpool isn’t having any of it. 

“Listen, the day I decide to become a crime-fighting shit-swizzler who rooms with a bunch of other little whiners at the neverland mansion of some creepy old bald”. 

It’s a pretty explicit takedown of the X-Men and Professor X but it drives home the idea that Deadpool is better off solo. 

Deadpool and Spider-Man go to the movies “Spider-Man/Deadpool #6” 

When Deadpool asks Spider-Man for help with his big Hollywood movie he explains “you know this world better than anyone, you’re a total sellout”. The issue also pokes fun at how X-Men have been corralled off into their own separate franchise with Storm wondering “hey how come none of the other superheroes talk to us”. 

The real gem though is at the end of the comic when Deadpool and Spidey see the movie nighthawk vs Hyperion yawn of boredom. 

The movie poster pretty obviously resembles batman vs superman it even has the tagline “you won’t believe their mother’s first name”.

Final Words 

Here are some other  honorable mentions other than these mentioned above: 

  • Black Widow – Deadpool 2(2018), If only Natasha had the same luck as domino “it’s really just a sip of tea at this point zip it black black widow I’m flowing” 
  • The Hulk Deadpool 2 (2018), Isn’t that supposed to be black widow’s line? “hey big guy the sun’s getting real low” 
  • Taskmaster Deadpool vol 2 #10 “his name kind of does sound like an infomercial product” 

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