“Mercy”: Chris Pratt Joins Forces With The Director Of “Wanted”

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Chris Pratt
(American actor)

Chris Pratt will play the main role in the science fiction show “Mercy“. Behind the camera will be Timur Bekmambetov, with whom the star had the opportunity to work in the box office hit “Wanted” in 2008.

“Mercy”: About the film

Filming starts in spring. The film will be produced for Amazon’s MGM studio. The position of producer is held by Charles Roven, whose portfolio includes such hits as the “Dark Knight” trilogy, “Oppenheimer“, “Suicide Squad“, “Wonder Woman” and “American Hustle“.

The script by Marco van Belle (“Arthur & Merlin“) takes place in the near future, when the number of fatal crimes has increased rapidly. The main character is a detective who is accused of a crime and must prove his innocence.

Chris Pratt: Greatest Hits

Pratt is one of the most profitable Hollywood actors in history. All his films grossed nearly $14 billion worldwide. The most famous titles in his filmography include: the “Jurassic World” and ” Guardians of the Galaxy ” trilogies, two parts of “The Avengers” and “The Super Mario Bros. Movie“.

Two films starring Chris Pratt will be released this year . The first is a science fiction film made for Netflix called “The Electric State“, which also starred Millie Bobby Brown and was directed by the Russo brothers. The animated film ” The Garfield Movie” is also waiting for its cinema premiere.

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