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Megamind vs. The Doom Syndicate (2024)

The original “Megamind,” which came out in 2010, was an animated film that was new, hilarious, and moving. It had very creative visuals and the voices of many A-list actors like Will Farrell, Tina Fey, Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, and David Cross. This new flick released fourteen years later only on streaming sites is not new. Its visuals are unoriginal and its voices for characters are mostly undistinguished. It is sometimes funny and for a short time touching; it’s like they washed the original a few times then faxed it. Its main purpose is to advertise a new streaming show: “Megamind Rules” coming to your screens this month.

Because the target audience of this film wasn’t even born when the first one came out, it starts with a brief summary. In Metrocity (which he continues to pronounce to rhyme with atrocity), Megamind (originally voiced by Ferrell, now by Keith Ferguson) was an evil villain – helped by a fish who lives in a bowl on top of a robot body that has tech abilities (originally David Cross; here Josh Brener), called Minion in the first movie but renamed Ol’ Chum because too many fans were confused after seeing yellow Minions running around with Gru). When his good guy nemesis Superman-like hero decided to retire right as he created an even worse bad guy supervillain so that he could be the good guy for once instead of always losing to said other person like every single time or whatever happens in movies until now basically ever since stories were invented until today when people still write them all over again… He saved everyone thanks also due part great intervention city’s brave TV reporter Roxanne Ritchi (previously Fey; Laura Post).

It could’ve been interesting because Megamind needs figure out what do about these ex-colleague villains who turned against him while also learning how help people, but instead it just blunders. At beginning he says wistfully, almost admiringly, as though fondly looking back on some old memories with friends they had a long time ago but haven’t seen each other since forever and maybe never will again unless we make sequel or something “It’s something the old evil me would have done back in the day.” He sighs, “Sometimes I miss the simplicity of the bad old days.”

He really starts missing them when his once faithful Ol’ Chum leaves because Megamind won’t give him promotion to Sidekick. Without him there Megamind can’t even work out how use toaster. Then his ex-Doom Syndicate gang members break out jail and he must get them back into custody before they can finish their evil plan while still making them think that he is also against them so as not blow cover; in meantime convincing Roxanne pretend be his fiancée crime partner. Keiko (Maya Aoki Tuttle), intelligent young woman who knows all about these new fangled things like livestreaming & social media etc., helps show our protagonist that sometimes people need one another’s aid – even if we don’t always realize until later! Ol’ Chum has own little adventure at diner but eventually comes back around joins team too.

The Doom Syndicate is made up of a French mime, a rock monster that’s always on fire, a former weatherman who can control lightning, and some kind of goth-y dude who just changed his name from Lord Knight to Lord Nighty-Night and carries around a stuffed bear named Mr. Cuddly Snuggles. In other words, the movie makes sure its bad guys and action scenes are more silly than scary, with lots of poop and barf jokes. But it doesn’t understand its audience in every way some of the verbal humor isn’t clever enough to get parents to watch with their kids (maybe one generation back or so) I mean really, jokes about the “Titanic” movie? Simon & Garfunkel lyrics from the ’60s? Nose hair clippers? Even more recent references aren’t going to land with elementary schoolers. When the Doom Syndicate throws a block party the night before their big plan goes into effect, Megamind complains that he’s “the victim of an impromptu rager” and tells people to use coasters, then tells the DJ to “put another stanky groove in my pocket.”

Yes there’s some stuff about bullying and teamwork, yes Megamind learns that heroes care about other people’s feelings, yes they briefly mention voting and democracy (as well as good candidates). But compared to this summer’s original or even “Boss Baby 2” or “Bad Guys,” it all feels pretty thrown together.

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