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Matilda is a very unusual girl. She can multiply huge numbers in her head, move objects with her eyes, and do many other supernatural things. Her parents are indifferent to her daughter, so she raises herself. The girl’s mother, a housewife, is busy watching TV, playing the lottery, and other “important” things. His father sells old cars and thinks only about them. his brother constantly abuses Matilda. There is nothing left for the girl to do on her own. She has been going to the library since she was four years old, reading a lot of books, learning to cook and do laundry. The school is ruled by a stern and opinionated principal, who does not like children. And Matilda puts all her powers into action to free the school from her oppressive regime. This film is about a real quest for knowledge and realization of one’s own abilities, despite the obstacles around.


Screen Shots


Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman, Mara Wilson

Movie Info

Initial release: 28 July 1996 (USA)
Director: Danny DeVito
Music by: David Newman
Adapted from: Matilda
Produced by: Danny DeVito; Michael Shamberg; Stacey Sher; Felicity Dahl
Production companies: TriStar Pictures; Jersey Films


Rotten Tomatoes – 90%
IMDb – 6.9/10
Metacritic – 72%

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