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Ryan Gosling And Marvel

Do you miss Ryan Gosling in the Marvel universe? According to the latest rumor, the actor may be a candidate to play one of Marvel’s superheroes. This is a character whose debut in the MCU has been talked about for a long time, but we still haven’t seen it. Would newly Oscar-nominated Gosling be interested in the role?

Will Ryan Gosling finally join the MCU?

Last year, the media reported that Ryan Gosling met with representatives of Marvel Studios to talk about a potential role. However, the details of this meeting remained a secret. It was speculated that the actor might play Mister Fantastic (now we know that he will be played by Pedro Pascal) it was later revealed that the role was given to Steven Yeun, who, however, had to resign from his appearance in “Thunderbolts” in the meantime. An old interview with Gosling was also recalled, in which the actor talks about his interest in Ghost Rider.

Daniel Richtman, who specializes in tracking down Hollywood leaks, spoke on the matter. The journalist suggested that Gosling may join the Marvel universe as Nova. Nova has been rumored to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years. Gosling’s involvement could be what finally leads to a film about the character. Of course, this is just a rumor for now.

Who is Nova?

Nova is a hero brought to life by Marv Wolfman and John Buscema in 1976. Richard Rider is a New York high school student who acquires the equipment and powers of a member of the elite Nova Corps, an intergalactic police force originating from the planet Xandar. In the comics, he fights crime and joins forces, among others. with Spider-Man and Thor.

The planet Xandar has appeared many times in MCU films: for example in movies of “Guardians of the Galaxy“. It was from this planet that Thanos took the first of the six Infinity Stones, the Power Stone, seen in the opening scene of “Avengers: Infinity War“.

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