Mark Wahlberg: ‘Uncharted 2’ script is now ready. His mustache will return!

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Mark Wahlberg In Uncharted

Although it was not officially confirmed that there will be a second part of “Uncharted“, but it seemed obvious to many fans. Mark Wahlberg confirmed that work on “Uncharted” have already started. What’s more, he believes the script is ready. We also know that Sully’s mustache will return!

Mark Wahlberg on the sequel to “Uncharted”

Actor asked about “Uncharted” he replied like this: I’ve heard different ideas. I know someone wrote the script and is still working on it. I will wear a mustache all the time.

He also willingly talked about his controversial facial hair:

It took me a lot of time to grow it. We tried using fake mustaches. But I wasn’t convinced. It was like my mouth was taped shut and I felt ridiculous.

Mark Wahlberg and his mustache in “Uncharted”

Wahlberg declared that if they manage to create something even better than the first part, he will gladly return to his role.

When I finally managed to grow a mustache, people appreciated it. It was a nice touch at the end of the movie. So if we can do it better than the first one, I’m open to it. But for now I know as much as you.

The script of the first “Uncharted” written by Rafe Judkins, Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. Its not confirmed whether they are working on the sequel.

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