Manga vs Anime

Manga vs Anime

Manga vs Anime is one of the most asked questions of all time. In this art21icle, we will be discussing the differences between manga and anime.

We have stated some pros and cons of both. You can read them and then form your opinion. 

Manga Vs Anime

Pros of Manga

  1. If you love reading novels, then Manga is made for you. 
  2. If you want to know the entire plot of your favorite animes, then manga is for you. Usually, mangas are way ahead of animes. For example, the anime of Attack on Titan took many years. If you have just started reading the manga, then you would know the entire plot. 
  3. Finding Free mangas through apps is a lot easier than finding anime. 
  4. No disturbance. You can imagine the visuals and the intensity of the moment in your mind. 
  5. Less internet usage. Manga size is usually below 100 MB. You can easily download the manga and save your internet data. 
  6. Portability is also a great factor. You can read the manga anywhere, anytime without disturbing anyone 

Cons of Manga

  1. No audio and no visual. That is the biggest con for me. I like the intensity of battles, the emotional soundtrack, and the character background score. With Manga, you can only read the dialogues and view the images. If you love the sensation of Anime, then manga is not for you

Pros of Anime

  1. If you want to witness great battles with some great soundtracks, then anime is for you. The manga of some famous animes are ahead of the anime, but when the major moments get animated, it will be a treat for everyone’s eyes
  2. Amazing intro and outro songs
  3. Has high binge value

Cons of Anime

  1. The pace is slow and sometimes animes can take breaks which can bug some fans. That is why mangas are ahead of the anime. 
  2. If you hate fillers, then anime is not for you. Animes try to develop some characters by introducing some fillers in between and that can annoy the user and break the flow. 

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These are the major differences between anime and manga. If you are still confused then you can try both and see which one suits you better.

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