Malcom and marie review

Malcolm and Marie (2021) – Movie Review

Malcolm and Marie which released officially on Netflix this past weekend starring John David Washington and Zendaya written and directed by Sam Levingston. It is the first major movie to be made during the covid19 pandemic.


The movie follows a young couple and John David Washington plays a film director who had just got back from the premiere of his movie with his girlfriend who used to be an actress played by Zendaya. 

The movie is essentially about the two of them at their luxurious and probably ridiculously overpriced house. They argue about pretty petty stuff and that’s the whole movie which is the entire hour and 45 minutes of Malcolm and Marie.

Depending on how you feel,  this movie will either be your thing or it’s not going to be your thing and for me it really kind of falls in the middle.

There’s a lot to admire about this movie:

  • They actually managed to make this movie during the covid19 pandemic with such a minimal cast of just two people, a small crew and they filmed it over the course of a month. is pretty impressive.
  • Even though it’s a major Netflix film featuring two up-and-coming actors because it’s such a small scale film. At the same time, the filmmaking process is very creative There’s a lot of very unique camera work.
  • Going around in this movie, it’s beautifully shot and the cinematography is fantastic. 
  • Both John David Washington and Zendaya are really good. John David Washington has definitely proved himself several times even though his character and tenant was quite boring. 

This is probably his best performance to date and as for Zendaya she’s fantastic as well when it comes to the arguments that these two people get into they feel very realistic and a lot of time it feels like Zendaya is in control of these arguments and when it first starts out i thought okay this is really interesting these two feel very real.

There are some great dialogue and a couple lines from each of these actors that honestly will make you laugh probably more from John David Washington because a lot of the things that he’s complaining about come across as so petty that it’s hard to not laugh at him but he manages to make him work because John David Washington in those moments is over the top.

The entire movie consists of these two actors arguing with each other and at first it’s pretty interesting but after the third argument makes it a bit boring, the couple in their arguments and the movie itself because the movie really consists of these two people arguing about really petty things. 


There’s no reason for this to be almost two hours long like an hour sure it would work in that sense. To be honest, this actually would have worked better as a stage play. This would be perfect if we saw it at the Hollywood fringe festival and was a minimalist play but you’ve got two really great performances here and some really good dialogue.

However, the movie was longer than it needed to be. All we are going to say is watch at your own risk but more on the higher end of watch at your own risk 

There’s nothing about this movie we would say is bad. it’s just more of your personal preference and that was our review for Malcolm and Marie.

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