Magneto (Erik Lehnsherr). Mutant, master of magnetism, opponent (and sometimes ally) of the X-Men group, villain and anti-hero from Marvel comic books. He appears in comics books of marvel and movies In (Marvel cinematic Universe) as well as in video games by marvel.

The creators of the characters are Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Lee was inspired by Malcolm X (similarly inspired by Martin Luther King, the role of a peaceful activist was played by his former friend and ideological opponent, Professor X).

Magneto is a German Jew born as Max Eisenhardt. As a teenager, he was sent to the Auschwitz camp and experienced discrimination on the grounds of being a mutant, which convinced him that a peaceful coexistence of humans (homo sapiens) and mutants (homo superior) was impossible. Using his powers to manipulate the magnetic field, he took the pseudonym Magneto and began aggressive activities for the homo superior and founded the terrorist organization Brotherhood of Mutants. He regularly faces the X-Men team, although sometimes he also stands by their side.

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