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Here comes the next part of Sony’s Spiderman film universe, which, like no one else, reminds us today of the equally difficult and charming beginnings of superhero cinema at the turn of the century. This time, several heroines from the comic book world of Spider-Man were taken into the picture and their shared fate was turned into another creation typical of this studio: a terrible work for no one, which is clearly rejected by almost all global reviewers.

The story told in Madame Web is simple, not to say vulgar. Here, Ezekiel Sims (Tahar Rahim), an influential billionaire with spider powers, dreams of three Spider-Women (Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced and Celeste O’Connor) who lead to his death, so he decides to kill them when they are still teenagers (I am not joking). However, standing between Ezekiel and the girls is Cassie Webb (Johnson), a young paramedic who begins to discover her own superhuman powers.

The whole thing – after this absurd starting point – turns into a quite classic story, based on James Cameron’s Terminator, about the escape of an innocent victim and her defender (in this case: victims and defender) from an unstoppable, relentless antagonist.

All this is supported by the mythology of the Spider-Man comic book world, which the creators use so conventionally that it is difficult not to feel that they may have seen a comic book in their childhood. At neighbor hood.

Through the glass.

At the center of the events are heroines who in the comics played the roles of various Spider-Women (or Spider-Girls), but here in costumes we only see them in visions of a few seconds and we never learn how they would gain their powers. The titular Madame Web is difficult to associate with the original, and Ezekiel – one of the most interesting and ambiguous characters introduced to Spider-Man comics in the 21st century – was turned into an antagonist without any character. Additionally, in the background, the uncle (Adam Scott) and the pregnant mother (Emma Roberts) of Peter Parker, the well-known Spider-Man, are wandering around without any idea and for some unknown reason.

But of course, all this is just geeky complaining, because in the end the film is not as bad as Western reviewers would like it to be. I mean, of course, it’s not a success because the dialogues make your ears wither, the absurdities and simplifications of the script make your brain steam, and the wild editing makes your eyes hurt, but the simplicity and universality of the plot can engage, especially since the main characters arouse sympathy, probably thanks to a solid cast in the film. headed by Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney and Adam Scott, and after the viewing we are not left with a feeling of embarrassment like Morbius or the second Venom, but rather a shrug of the shoulders analogous to watching a random action movie in the middle of the night on a random TV station or discovering a rightly forgotten pilot of a TV series about superheroes we’ve never heard of.

And no, I cannot in good conscience recommend this film to absolutely anyone. You can’t help but feel the wasted potential of this comic book universe and the disappointment of such an underutilized, great cast. It’s hard to shake the thought that Britney Spears’ “Toxic” deserved a better action scene. But the world undoubtedly knows many worse films based on Marvel comics. Apart from the Sony nightmares mentioned above, the third Ant-Man could also learn something from Madame Web.

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