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Lowlifes (2024)

LOWLIFES starts the way most horror movies do a breathless guy races through the woods only to meet the blade of an unseen killer. After that dude is taken care of quickly, we cut to a family of four, camping in what I think we can assume is the same woods. This is your pretty typical family with straight laced patriarch Keith (Matthew Macaull) cooking up some barbecue, doting mom Kathleen (Elyse Levesque), rebellious teen Amy (Amanda Fix) and spunky youngster eager to gain Dad’s approval Jeffrey (Josh Zaharia). But soon after establishing the typicalness of this family and addressing all the cliches, another cliche shows up in the form of a pair of hick locals, Vern (Richard Harmon) and Billy (Ben Sullivan) who are looking for their brother Melior, who I’m assuming is the dead guy from the beginning but still have time to threaten the family with a little hillbilly hospitality. But soon after setting up all these cast members LOWLIFES switches gears and becomes a bit more unpredictable by breaking some cliches and addressing some new ones making what first felt like a city folk being terrorized by hillbillies tale into something completely different.

I don’t want to give away too much about what happens in LOWLIVES though it does come pretty early on. It did separate this film from the rest of the herd and made it less predictable as expectations were flipped so while I kind of saw that one coming I was still happy when it happened. Basically what ends up happening is everyone just starts really tearing each other apart for no reason and it’s kind of awesome. It’s not over-the-top gory but there is definitely a lot of death and blood going around here.

I also thought that all our lead performers were great in their respective roles here. Matthew Macaull has a Jake Gyllenhaal look to him where he can look respectable one minute and then out of control the next. But it’s Amanda Fix’s Amy who really goes through the most here and she molds those emotions sharply. I also have to note an exceptional performance from Brenna Llewellyn who plays one of the local girls who shows a lot of grit in a very physical performance here. And it was interesting seeing Richard Harmon in a smaller role, Harmon often plays the creepy guy who is not David Dastmalchian but like Dastmalchian, Harmon seems to put a lot of thought and effort into every genre role he takes.

LOWLIFES turned out to be much better than expected in terms of acting, plot twists, and all out production. It’s listed as a Tubi Original and while not all Tubi Originals are good this is one of the best ones I’ve seen so far. It’s a film that has unexpected bite to it that will make you flip flop on who you want to survive if any at all. While the city slickers versus country folk battle has been done before LOWLIFES does deliver something different there and I can appreciate that.

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