List of Top MMA movies you can’t miss

MMA movies have been loved by many people in the last decade. There used to be a time when people were not much aware of the different forms of martial arts such as muay Thai, kickboxing, wrestling, etc. Nowadays, international tournaments like UFC have set the trend for MMA which stands for Mixed Martial Arts. As the name says, It is a mix of various forms of martial arts for fighting. Watch All these MMA Movies on Putlocker

This is not just a trend in a sport but for the past two decades, it has been a trend in films too. Here is the list of some good MMA movies which you must not miss:

Never Back Down

The story revolves around a guy who is new to the college, He was a football player in his high school and now he is bullied by a punk of college. He is beaten badly and insulted in front of the whole college. He decides to train and enter the MMA tournament to seek revenge for the insult as well as prove himself.

Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown

This the sequel for Never Back Down, this movie states that the main story revolves around the coach who used to be popular for his moves and combats. He trains 4 college guys for a tournament and they even compete against each other. One can find great moves in this MMA movie.

Never Back Down 3: No surrender

This movie breaks the suspense who the coach(Case Walker) really is, his identity is revealed to the world which he kept on hiding for a long time. The coach Cage also falls in love this time and also becomes popular by getting into the ring once again against the world champion.

Undisputed 2

It tells the story of a boxer named Chambers (Jai White) who is thrown into jail and has to win a battle to win his freedom against their fighting champion, Boyka ( Scott Adkins). What we get is an evolutionary style of preparation for Chambers as he adapts and extends his strength, including punches, takedowns and wrestling, from boxing to Mixed Martial Arts.

Undisputed 3

This is the sequel to Undisputed 2 which follows its villain, Boyka becomes lead in the story as he turns the table. He wins the prison fight and becomes the champion with a crimped leg. Then further he is sent to participate in inter inter-prison tournament with the world’s best mma fighters.  

Boyka: Undisputed

This is the fourth investment in the undisputed series. Boyka becomes a MMA star as he fights into the big leagues. He accidentally kills one of his opponents, he decides to help that fighter’s widow. He discovers she is in debt to loan Shark. Boyka fights with Shark’s fighter to pay off her debt.  

Blood and Bone

This is a story about a guy called Bone (Michael Jai White) who enters into the underground MMA circuit to join the gang of a criminal lord who got his best friend killed in jail.

It’s a nice action film with some fantastic fights, plenty of world-class martial artists’ cameos and insight into the technique and tactics of martial arts (within its battle scenes) and a fun, simple plot line to follow.

The Warrior

Last on the list by Putlocker is The warrior. The story revolves around two brothers fighting against each other both inside and outside the Cage, the most famous MMA film out there. Although it’s more of a thriller than an action movie, it has some really interesting battles incorporated into the plot and is very realistic in its Mixed Martial Arts depiction.

If you love MMA movies then these movies just can’t be missed at any cost. These all-time best MMA movies. Bruce Lee is considered a Legend when it comes to fighting and fitness. Also, read the Top 3 Bruce Lee Moves According to Putlocker

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