We present you a list of films that journalists liked – but the audience hate.

In general, we believe that bad movies are never made: for every movie there is a viewer. And often it happens that a film, sprinkled with awards and praise from critics and film awards.

Treasure Planet

Year: 2002

Today it is difficult to imagine a Disney film that would fail in distribution, but 20 years ago such releases happened. All because of the studio’s experiments with genres: Disney wanted to get out of the framework of “cartoons about princesses for girls” in order to attract boys and teenagers.

The screen adaptation of Robert Lewis Stevenson’s novel Treasure planet, failed to conquer new viewers and disappointed the old ones. But critics remained delighted with the adaptation: the cartoon was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animation, while The Washington Post gave the cartoon four out of five points, explaining that the film “boasts the purest Disney delight: it brings generations together.


Year: 1997

The film was almost not shown in cinemas, fearing the reaction of viewers (recall that “Lolita” tells about the connection between an adult man and a 12-year-old girl. Secondly, the audience itself did not want to go to cinemas to “immoral” film. Nevertheless, critics praised the film, saying it was impossible to shoot Lolita better.

A good dinosaur

Year: 2015

Something went wrong with the “Good Dinosaur”. dinosaur movies are no longer so popular. One way or another, the picture has earned little response from the audience.

Another thing is the reaction of critics: the film received a surprisingly positive response even by Pixar standards. They praised the innovative idea (dinosaurs are intelligent beings, people are not), plot elaboration and great graphics.

Rise of the Guardians.

Year: 2012

There is a theory that the Rise of the Guardians was a sequel of Legend of the Guardians, and most people walked through the cinemas. but the movie get positive response from movie critics.

Peter Pan

Year: 2003

Critics praised the cartoon for its stunning visuals, as well as for its accuracy in retelling the original story. The audience complained that there was not a single well-known actor in the film of the children’s favorite fairy tale. Only Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy from “Harry Potter”), but it was not enough for people to go and watch the movies.

Hail, Caesar!

Year: 2016

The Cohen brothers’ filmography is usually popular with both critics and viewers, and 4 “Oscars” prove it. However, it seemed confusing to the audience: unclear plot, strange references and absolutely sudden musical number with Channing Tatum did not impress the audience,

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Year: 2008

Cold War, aliens, what else does the audience need to be happy? Probably a young Harrison Ford, but Spielberg could not do it. The audience thought that there is no need to chase an elderly actor through the sequels. Critics decided that the movie was the perfect end of the franchise.


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