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Land (2021) – Movie Review

This is the directorial debut of Robin Wright and it stars her as well. The story revolves around a bereaved woman who seeks out a new life off the grid in Wyoming. We didn’t know what to expect from this movie because when a directorial debut is sometimes awesome and sometimes it’s not but in this case it’s great.


In our opinion, Robin Wright has done a great job here in so many different ways. This film dealt with the look and the message about loss grieving, suicide and even depression because in a sense land, it’s Robin going out to Wyoming getting this cabin which is very run down and she needs to build back up.

In general, the environment which is absolutely stunning. The filming is done in such an immaculate way, it will really make you feel like you are there in the wilderness with her.

Overall, this is more than just your typical story of a girl going off the grid and having to come to herself in one because she’s dealing with a grieving, she’s lost a lot of people in her life and now she is depressed.

The thing that we loved about this movie is that it’s a survival story not physically but mentally as well. There are very few films like that where it deals with both outcomes.

Both of these elements could truly work even if this film had taken place not in the wilderness, Robin Wright would have framed well and this direction was brilliant to see.

The way she was able to bring about in her directorial debut, her performance as well is great. She is also one of the greatest actresses ever to live but she is performing at her highest outcome and it is lovely to watch.

Demian Beshear who plays an excellent supporting role in every single thing. He shows up and he is great as well especially with his chemistry and every interaction that he gets with Robin Wright’s character is just superb. 

This is a very simplistic film but one that had a deeper meaning in different layers of it. Good score, great cinematography, great acting and a great message forms this movie to be really good. Even its runtime is perfectly paced to where it needs to go.

Initially we were shocked with this as we expected it to be boring but came out with a newfound appreciation for a new message, a theme in a way of dealing with grieving, loss and story of survival will very much attach to you.

Final Words 

With all mentioned, we’ll give Land B+. This movie is actually quite surprising especially as a directorial debut, it’s simple but very much grabbed us with its message. Some of you may find it boring since the story is a bit slow.

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