Joe Bell movie Review

Joe Bell Movie Review

The particular movie we are reviewing today is called Joe Bell. This touching drama is available now on video on demand on Amazon Prime, Google Play, Voodoo and other digital platforms. The movie is rated R. It’s an hour and 34 minutes movie.

Our goal is to give you the heads up on filmmaking quality and content so that you can make the best decision for yourself and your family as to whether or not you want to spend time and money and sometimes both watching a particular movie.

We are going to give you Putlocker movie review grade at the end of my review so keep reading.

Story: Joe Bell

In brief this dramatic movie is based on the true story of a small town working class father who embarks on a solo walk across the U.S to crusade against bullying after his son is tormented in high school for being gay.

The film is directed by Reynaldo Marcus Green. This is one of the movies that the critics absolutely hated rating it at an embarrassing low score of 38 percent on rotten tomatoes while audiences are really enjoying it giving it a high 77 percent.

There were a lot of things we liked and a few things we didn’t like, we are going to point out those as well as offer tips for parents and themes. Also, similar movies that recommend.

Cast: Joe Bell

Mark Wahlberg, he looks adorable in everything he does and he does everything extremely well. Drama, comedy, and action. He gives a very strong and powerful performance as expected and is one of the producers of the film.

Rumor has it that Wahlberg invited the actor Young Reed Miller to his house for breakfast just to tell him in person that he landed the role of Jaden Bell.

Reed Miller is perfectly believable in this role and does a sweet job. Other talented cast members are Gary Sinise who has very short cameo but it’s a powerful moment in the movie love that guy and

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Connie Britton who plays the long-suffering wife and it’s always good to see her. She’s just reliably good in every role that she does.

Sadly, this is Larry Mccurdy’s last screenplay because he passed away just before this movie’s released. There’s a cute scene about Lady Gaga’s songs.

You get to see some real video footage and images of the real people that this movie is based on at the end of the film and we always love that there’s a sucker punch moment.

The story itself is heartbreaking and important at the same time just to continue the conversation of acceptance and tolerance.

Things That Could Have Been Better

It was interesting when the son tells his dad, “it’s my life dad not yours” and while that’s definitely true. The son’s life choices did affect the dad’s life and in fact the entire family.

This isn’t a criticism of the film but sometimes kids don’t recognize that what they do, does affect their parents, their siblings, the family’s reputation. Our choices do affect other people about everything.

The timeline can be a little bit confusing as it bounces around and don’t watch the trailer before you see this movie so that you don’t see any spoilers.

The trailer kind of gave a little bit too much away. It’s a very painful, terribly, sad movie. Some viewers complain that the movie doesn’t really dive deeply enough into the issues but it does keep the conversation of acceptance and tolerance going and its heart is definitely in the right place so it didn’t solve the world’s problems in terms of homosexuality and bullying and any of that stuff.

It got the conversation going or it’s keeping the conversation going which is an important conversation.

Parental Advisory

Some tips for parents because it involves a teenage boy some teenagers might be interested in it.

There’s profanity, crude language including f-bombs so just be aware of the language factor. You see two gay teens kiss, ugly comments about gays, homosexuals and anybody in the LGBTQ plus community

Bullying, family, parenting you see some drag queens at a bar.

Movie Theme: Joe Bell

First theme that is in Joe Bell movie is accepting those who are different – homosexuality, forgiveness, anger management, judging others, prejudice, tolerance, regret and healing. Healing aspect is a large part of the movie.

Some Interesting Lines

We always write down interesting lines and funny lines to give you a taste of what the movie is like.

Joe Bell is played by Mark Wahlberg and one of the interesting lines that he says is “understanding begins at home” absolutely and then Jaden his son played by Reed Miller and Jaden says, “it’s a horrible thing to be surrounded by people who hate you without even knowing you for something you can’t change”.

Your heart will just break when you hear him say that bless his heart.

Final Words

There were some things that could have been improved in movies. The ultimate movie review Putlocker grade we are giving this film is a B.

Before we end up the article, let us tell you about a documentary that we’re going to recommend if you enjoy this movie and these are sort of similar to this. It involves a cause and one that is brought to the headline news through a man who chooses to walk across the country barefoot to share his cause the documentary is called ‘Barefoot: The Mark Bomber Story’.

He’s this quirky guy and you just fall in love with his goofy personality and we loved his enthusiasm for this cause and it’s very contagious and the film is very touching so check that one out. We did a movie review of that Reminiscence so you can check out on that as well.

Watch it on Pulocker. Also, check that one out as we think that it’ll touch your heart as well.

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