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James Gunn

James Gunn showed off the cast of the first cinematic spectacle of the new DC universe, “Superman: Legacy“. Check who showed up.

Superman, Lois, Lex, Otis – these are the stars who will play them in “Superman: Legacy

Fans paid special attention to Nicholas Hoult. The actor already has the right hairstyle (or rather, doesn’t have it) to play Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor.

Gunn also confirmed who Terence Rosemore will play in the film in the photo’s caption. He will be Otis, Luthor’s associate.

There are also a few people absent from the photo, which surprised some and sparked new fan theories. It was missing, among others: Milly Alcock, who will reportedly play Supergirl in the film before appearing in her own show, “Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.” Some people began to wonder whether her introduction to the DC universe had been moved to another project.

“Superman: Legacy” – the first film of the new DC universe

Superman: Legacy” is the first film (but not the first production in general) of the new DC universe created by James Gunn and Peter Safran. The first phase is titled “Gods and Monsters” .

Although Gunn is active on social media and talks a lot about the film, we actually know little about the plot. Apparently, in this version of the story about the Man of Steel, we will see a world in which everyone is accustomed to seeing superheroes associated with a group called the Authority.

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