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James Gunn

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, James Gunn is close to choosing a candidate for the role of Supergirl in his DC universe. After the camera tests, there were two contenders left. You know them from TV.

Who has a chance to become Supergirl?

Supergirl will be the heroine of her own cinema show “Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow“. However, it will be presented to fans for the first time in the “Superman Legacy“.

We recently announced the names of three candidates for the role of Supergirl. Two of them will soon face the final competition as they have successfully passed the last round of trials.

  • Milly Alcock
  • Meg Donnelly

“Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow” – What do we know about the movie?

One of the planned films of the first phase of the new DC universe is “Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow“. It will be a standalone story based on the recent comic book series by Tom King and Bilquis Evely. She proposed a complete reinterpretation of the Supergirl character. This is what Gunn said about the project when he announced it.

We will see the significant differences between Superman, sent to Earth and raised in a loving family, and Supergirl, raised in Spartan conditions, watching her loved ones die in horrific circumstances. This is going to be hardcore Supergirl. You haven’t seen one like this before.

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