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Who Will Be Next James Bond

British newspaper “The Sun” decided to heat up the atmosphere around James Bond. From “No time to die” Two years have passed and we still don’t know who will play the hero in the next film. We don’t know, but “The Sun” claims to know.

Two candidates for the role of James Bond

The Sun” reports that two actors have a chance to get involved. The name of one of them is revealed and it is no surprise. This actor has been associated with every project lately. The newspaper claims that it’s Paul Mescal.

Paul Mescal is one of the most sought after actors from the Islands in recent years. The breakthrough in his career was the series “Normal People” from 2020 year. Since then, we can see him in artistically successful productions every now and then. We knew him in “The Lost Daughter“. And this year he starred in the award-winning film “All of Us Strangers“.

Its popularity will increase even further next year, when the show premieres “Gladiator 2“, in which he played the main role.

If “The Sun” has reliable information, it means a radical rejuvenation of James Bond. Paul Mescal is 28 years younger than Daniel Craig.

James Bond Will Be Reinvented

This would be in line with the general approach of Barbara Broccoli who said in October that times have changed, so and James Bond needs to be reinvented. Just like every time a new actor was introduced. I’ll go back to “GoldenEye” when everyone said: “The Cold War is over, the Berlin Wall has fallen, Bond is dead, we don’t need Bond, there is peace in the world and there are no more villains.” Oh my, they were wrong! – she said in an interview for “The Guardian” magazine.

When after Pierce Brosnan The role of James Bond was taken over by Daniel Craig, the producers wanted to focus on what a 21st century hero should look like. Daniel gave us the opportunity to delve into the emotional lives of the characters and the world was ready for it. I think these films reflect the times in which they are made, and the producers have a long, long way to go to reinvent them for the next chapter.

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