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It Takes Three: Movie Review

We are reviewing today a movie which is called ‘It takes three’. Gun powder and Sky releases this romantic comedy on demand and digital on September 3rd 2021. It’s rated R and it’s an hour and 30 minutes.

Like in our previous movie reviews, we are going to give an overview in a brief where we’ll be pointing out things we liked and didn’t like.

Along with we are going to offer tips for parents, themes worth talking about and even a movie recommendation. We think you’ll also really enjoy.

Story: It Takes Three

In an overview, ‘It takes three’ is a John Hughes spin on the classic Cyrano de Bergiac story. If you don’t know what that is looking that up, there is not a single issue. We don’t want to give any big spoilers.

This movie actually feels like a 1980s teen movie which is exactly what the director was going for who was inspired by films like Ferris Bueller’s day off and actually had a role in that movie.

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The synopsis of this movie is when the coolest guy in the school discovers that the new girl sees through his popularity and all of his social media YouTube stuff and his good looks. He enlists the class nerd to take over his social media accounts to add substance to his style make it seem like he’s a deeper kind of a guy.

Signals are crossed and hearts are broken but in the post-modern romantic comedy nothing turned out exactly as you’d expect.


The romantic comedy is directed by Scott Coffey who also did ‘Ellie Parker’ and ‘Adult World’. The script was written by Blair Mastbaum and Logan Burdick and it stars the young actors Jared Gilman from ‘Moonrise Kingdom’, Aurora Perrineau from ‘When They See Us’, ‘Mikey Madison’ from ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ and ‘Scream Five’ and David Gridley from ‘The Duff’.

The list of things that we liked

Jared Gilman he plays the Cyrano de Bergiac character very well. His character name is appropriately psy from Cyrano de Virgiac.

David Gridley also does a really great job at being a total superficial douche and we’ve never seen any of these young actors before even though they have appeared in other films.

We were surprised especially that we didn’t notice Aurora Perrineau because she is gorgeous with an exotic look and has very cool vibe that surely will propel her. She’s got a bright future if she wants it.


There’s original music from some of the directors favorite musicians which is super cool because in those 1980s films. They also introduced us to new bands and new musicians and he was trying to mimic that as well.

He has music from Dean Wareham and his band’s Luna and Galaxy 500 Will Chef and his band Ockerville River.

Anya marina also sings and she also plays the hilarious principle of the high school and broken social scene so that’s a highlight of the movie too if you haven’t ever heard that music.

Fun Facts

  1. The director welcomed collaboration from the cast which i always think is really awesome everybody has something to bring to the table.
  2. The movie’s original title was rhino, there’s a scene where a girl gives a guy a gift of a rhino because she says that he kind of looks like one and then later that rhino scene is also introduced again with some important ramifications.

Blair Mastbaum co-wrote the movie as mentioned before but he also has a role as a teacher in the film so keep watching during the rolling credits at the end of the movie for some really goofy video clips that the leading characters post on their supposed social media and on YouTube. We thought that was entertaining.

What could have been Better

There were some things that we think could have been better for example:

  • Some scenes just simply last too long like such as when one of the boys dances in his bedroom alone we get it he’s having a moment he’s trying to figure out who he is and how he moves and what he looks like and all that but it just kind of dragged on and on.
  • Someone gets locked in a garage and we really thought how you get lock in a garage it’s super easy to get out. It shows there’s a latch on the inside of the actual garage door, there’s often a hanging rope and there’s probably a door button near the door to the house.

What the character does instead is overthink it and does something that’s actually pretty funny that was an odd scenario.

  • We got a big lesbian vibe from one of the female characters and so the twist at the end surprised us. We thought that that’s what they were telling us about this character but it turns out not.

Parental Advisory: It Takes Three

Here are some tips for parents. There is a lot of profanity and a lot of f-bombs as well crude conversations and gestures and talk about sex-related things so it’s really rated R and not appropriate for young kids.

A girl flips the bird, there are some lesbian parents that are represented not that that’s a bad thing, just which parents should be aware in case they want to talk about that with their kids.

Cleavage and guys looking at cleavage talk of gender bias. A teenage boy wants cosmetic surgery and a creepy internet pedophile is represented so just a heads up on all of that content.

Movie Theme: It Takes Three

Some themes that are illustrated well are dating identity, physical appearances, ego, self-centeredness, authenticity, friendship, loyalty, romance, crushes and chemistry, truth, trust, intelligence, the appearance of intelligence and commentary about social media.

The role it plays in these young kids lives commentary about feminism and how that actually also helps to influence the thought process of a lot of these female characters and some of the male characters too.

Interesting Lines

We always write down funny lines and interesting lines. So psy who’s played by Jared Gilman is laying in bed, he had a catastrophe of what he thought was going to be an awesome date and his moms walk in and they’re like what are you doing in bed and he’s like “I’m sick” or whatever excuse seems the most believable.

There’s another character played by David Gridley and he’s that Douche bag superficial guy who’s completely obsessed with karate and does these YouTube videos. He thinks he’s all that and a bag of gibs and his friend’s like, “hey let’s go surfing” and he’s like “dude, I can’t be myself anymore”.

He’s supposed to be intelligent to attract this girl who has a lot more depth than he does.

An interesting line is when Roxy who’s played by Aurora Perrineau says, it’s not she’s describing this guy’s face and she says “it’s not perfect, perfect’s boring” and so that helps him look at himself differently.

Final Words

This is sort of a coming-of-age type of movie as well. With some really great elements and some other ones that needed to be tweaked.

Some of the editing and filmmaking looked like it was on its way the ultimate movie review Putlocker grade.

We are giving it for filmmaking quality and content is a B-minus. Let us give you two recommendations for films that we loved from the 1980s type of era are of course Ferris Bueller’s ‘Day Off’.  

We have seen that a hundred times so funny so well done and i could definitely see how this movie was truly trying to capture the essence of the fun, the whimsical and the character building.

Then another movie classic 80s is Footloose from 1984. We love that movie and have seen that a million times and of course there’s been a remake on that one as well but watch the original because it’s way better.

Thank you for reading our movie review we hope that if you watch this movie you get a kick out of it.

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