Isabelle Adjani Was Sentenced For Two Years’ Probation! What for?

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Isabelle Adjani French actress and singer

The legend of French cinema, Isabelle Adjani, was sentenced. She was sentenced for two years of suspended imprisonment. She also has to pay a fine of EUR 250,000.

Isabelle Adjani Is A Tax Fraudster

The judgment concerns an investigation that was launched in 2016 after the global scandal called the “Panama Papers”. It was a leak of mass documents revealing the shenanigans of the world’s greats, whose aim was to bypass tax laws in their home countries.

In the case of Adjani, the court found her guilty, in order to avoid payment to the French tax office 236 thousand euro become a resident of Portugal. She was also supposed to submit PLN 120,000 to the Tax Office without a declaration. She also deceived the tax office by claiming that a donation of EUR 2 million was a loan. Interestingly, the court issued a stricter sentence than the one requested by the prosecutor’s office. In October, she asked for an 18-month prison sentence (suspended). Adjani pleads not guilty. Her lawyers have already announced an appeal.

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