Is Telegram safe to watch or download movies online?

We all have been streaming, downloading and uploading videos on the Telegram app. Telegram is a messaging app which is used for texting with people individually, in groups and as per business.

Privacy has been a concern lately with the messaging apps due to the update in privacy policy of Whatsapp. Therefore, many people are switching to another app from Whatsapp.

One of the alternatives considered is Telegram. Let’s explore privacy in Telegram.

Must Know about Telegram App

Every app has unique features. Telegram has got some unique features as well. Here are some of them:

No phone number required

One can chat with someone without the need of a phone number. Also, there is no requirement to share your contact number with business and services you avail. Thus, it secures you by not letting the number be shared with anyone.

It is very easy to connect via link. One can also use API or direct link for chat to get in touch. This is a boon for small scale businesses. 

Secure secret chats

There is a feature to mark chats as secret. In this feature, the chats become secure wherein screenshots can’t be taken and there is a self destructing message option. Along with this, the backup for Secret chats is not taken.

Cons of Telegram

Everything has got other side of the coin, lets what is it for this app:

Video Call Feature not Available

So far there is no Video call feature available in Telegram therefore it could be a turn off for many people who prefer facetime with their loved ones. 

Groups not secure

Telegram groups are not secure and can be accessed with a simple link therefore privacy cannot be assured. Lately, many people who shared movies were held by government officials for piracy. They joined the group secretly and when they found out the people who were uploading, they put them behind the bars.


If you are a movie buff and want to watch the latest movies for free then you must watch it on Putlocker website. Also, don’t forget to use VPN as it hides your IP address and location as extra security measures. Do not use Telegram for downloading movies or uploading it as it will lead you to jail for spreading piracy.

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