Infinite 2021 – Movie Review

Infinite is a new Antoine Fuqua movie starring Mark Wahlberg on paramount plus. Its Mark Wahlbeck movie with a tiny bit of marketing but we’re going to talk about it nonetheless.

Spoiler free review of infinite is infinitely good. We’ve got to stop so a troubled young man haunted by the memories of two past lives stumbles upon the centuries-old secret society of similar individuals and dares to join their ranks.

Evan our main character played by Mark Wahlberg, he has skills that he really didn’t learn, he has memories of places that he’s never visited and all of these things are haunting him. He’s also on the brink of a mental breakdown when we first see him in this film because he doesn’t really know what is going on.

Once he finds out that the secret group is seeking him calling themselves the infinites, they reveal that his memories are actually real but they’re not something that he’s conjuring. They are coming from his past lives so they’re bringing him into this world along the same lines that happens to neo in the matrix but very different circumstances and he’s trying to unlock these memories but at the same time a character played by Chuatel Ejiofor is seeking to end all alive and he sees as a curse because he is also living on this endless cycle of reincarnation so all of those plot points coming together into one film directed by Antoine Fuqua.

It’s really interesting, we loved the concept and the idea of this man living over and over, not necessarily what we’re seeing with these time loop movies very different than palm springs or boss level because instead of living the same day over and over.

Reincarnation is the concept here and he has to be born again and many crazy things so whenever he dies it takes him a while to get back to that point and we didn’t really know which direction they were going to go. We didn’t know if we were going to stick with Mark Wahlberg throughout most of the film which is exactly what happened so we’re really with him in this life or if we were going to go into different lives and maybe revisit some of things about his past and there is a bit of that at the beginning.

The Cast – Infinite Movie

We see Dylan o’Brien in this movie. We don’t know why he’s second bill here because he’s barely in the film. It is more for Jason Mansookas, Sophie Cookson and Mark Wahlberg in this movie. They’re the stars. We also have Toby Jones Rupert friend is in this film.

It really has a good cast and great director Mark Wahlberg brought a good concept. It seems like it’s a positive review up until this point until you start getting into the execution of this movie and how unmemorable the actual film is and a lot of that comes down to the execution which is fairly shocking because Fuqua is good as a director and anytime. He directs a movie, not in this vein, this is more of a sci-fi-esque movie but in general the way he handles action is really good.

The action here is combination of things we’ve seen in this movie before from samurai swords to car chases to gun on gun action. It’s a lot implemented here and it would mean a lot more if we had compelling characters.

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Infinite – Movie Plot

Mark Wahlberg does a good job in this movie but everything is so jumbled when it comes to what the actual goal is we don’t really get a good idea as to what the growth of his character is when we hit that third act and it’s such a jumbled mess in terms of what characters are trying to do.

There’s an egg you have edgy force goal of destroying all life as we know it but the stakes don’t feel that high because we’re really focused on finding one thing and we were hoping they would refrain from that in this film.

There’s always something, it’s the rabbit’s foot in this case. It’s the egg and it’s very important element that almost feels forgotten when we get into the heavy action scenes that feel by the numbers but they’re lacking personality at the same time. We really enjoyed the set pieces here, the practical effects are good, the CGI is okay but it’s a big jumbled mess when it comes to the plot and not at single point stands out as important when we reach the end of the movie because we just became uninterested by the repetitive action set pieces that really don’t mean a lot.

We saw exactly where it was going and have almost written out where we were going to end up and then once you sit on the film you gradually start getting into the actual plot and the reincarnation aspect and the goal of Edufor’s character was to crumble underneath itself and become more of an incompetent script.

This movie is like there is fun to be had while you’re watching because of the action set pieces and because of the compelling cast for the most part. A couple performances that was not up to the mark but at the end of the day once the movie is over and you’ve checked out a few times while watching, it’s one of those you just dump truck out of your brain and it’s been a couple hours.

We’ve watched and don’t really remember too much and that’s not a good sign and now that i’m thinking about it, there is a reason they didn’t market this movie heavily at all and they literally just dumped it onto a streaming service and barely told anyone. Paramount plus is going to market it because it’s one of their first original movies but otherwise Antoine Fuqua, Mark Wahlberg, it’s just a very unmemorable movie with a plot that we’ve seen shades of before.

All of those things combined, we’ve never seen something like this in a film and then we get just a very clichéd easy to predict storyline that is uninteresting and the characters seem to be the biggest criticism.

The characters were not compelling at all. They all fit into those tropes and when you have a movie like that you’re not going to remember that much about it.

Infinite – Ratings

Infinite is an easy watch but the predictable plot and forgettable script come together to create an unmemorable experience unfortunately and we going to go 42 with putlocker score. It’s not all bad the action was fun and there’s a lot of it but there’s just not much there in terms of the plot and concept so interesting. Movie can’t really keep my attention throughout the entire movie. it’s just a movie that we recommend for one time watch at the end of the day.

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