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Nearly 3 years after the first announcement, Bethesda Softworks and Machine Games, in cooperation with Lucasfilm Games, presented the first gameplay fragment from the long-awaited title “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle“. Not only did we get a solid piece of gameplay, but we also learned a lot of details about Bethesda’s upcoming production.

In Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, players take control of Indiana Jones himself at the height of his archaeological career. A unique journey around the world awaits them, especially tailored for a single player. The expedition, full of secrets and adventures, will be an excellent opportunity to discover one of the greatest mysteries of history.

The game will take place in 1937, between the events of the films “Raiders Of The Lost Ark ” and “The Last Crusade“, when sinister forces are searching for an ancient power. As Indiana Jones, players must use his legendary whip and sharp mind to face the sinister plans of the antagonists.

Watch Official game Trailer

The whip, which is a characteristic element of Indiana Jones’ equipment, is used not only to distract and disarm enemies, but also as a tool for moving around locations. The game combines narrative gameplay with open maps, offering players an experience full of action, adventure and puzzles. Elements such as silent infiltration, first-person hand-to-hand combat and shooting allow for a variety of gameplay approaches from stealth to dynamic fights.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle” will debut on Xbox Series X/S, PC and Game Pass this year.

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