How to watch movies on Putlocker?

how to watch movies on putlocker

Putlocker is one of the famous websites which is loved by so many users around the world 

It was the biggest pirated website in the United kingdom. More than a million users visit the website and watch movies regularly. As we all know piracy is an act of crime the website got banned. 

So the question is how people watch movies on putlocker?

So the process of watching movies on putlocker is very easy and simple. You just have to follow these steps.

  1. Visit Putlocker
  2. Search  name of the movie which you want to watch 
  3. Select quality and your preferred language
  4. Enjoy.


  1. You can visit any category you want
  2. Select  a movie 
  3.  watch it

It’s that simple 

Now the real talk about putlocker.

Watching movies is not a crime or illegal activity but watching movies on pirated sites is a criminal offense. Our website is a blog that provides you information that helps you to browse safe and legal entertainment websites. 

Now you have to think you are entertaining yourself at which cost.  Every time you use a website like putlocker you are exposing your personal information to those you don’t know

They can sell your data, they can hack your personal information and even can track your address 

So be safe and buy premium membership of a legal website to watch movies online.

There are so many websites which provide you movies for free and totally legally. But you have to watch some ads. We know you can do that because sites like putlockers are earning because of ads.  If you can watch ads you are good to go.

If you want to watch adult movies and videos, then YesPornPlease is the best website for you. YesPornPlease offers premium adult videos with super high quality and you can also download the videos.

Here are some websites on which you can watch movies for free.


2.Pluto TV


4.Retro vision


Every website comes with unique special features. Like on some websites you can watch retro movies. So if you like to watch retro you can use those websites. Some of the websites may not be accessible in your country if yes don’t be sad you can access them by using a VPN


You can try Some paid platforms that give you a free trial of their apps. You can watch movies for free during that trial period. You can watch movies without paying them and ads free. If you like the collection of their movies you can buy their membership or if you don’t try another platform with the same offer. So it also can help you to find a website which you really like 


Now you know how users watch movies on putlocker. We want you to be safe so always use a website that is legal. Because if you don’t watch they won’t create.

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