How To Watch Horror Movies – Just As The Director Intended.

How To Watch Horror Movies

in this post we will tell you how to watch horror movies- just as the director intended.

Turn off the light.

Before you start watching a movie, make sure that the lighting in the room does not spoil the fun. To create a feeling of film screening and really immerse yourself in what’s happening on the screen, there must be total darkness in the room.

  • Close the curtains as tightly as possible and turn off all the artificial lighting.
  • Do not place the TV next to the window.
  • Make sure that the light from gadgets – a WI-FI router, speakers, and others – does not reflect off the screen.
  • Make sure that these devices do not come into view, because their glow will unwittingly distract your attention.

Put TV at a distance.

The difference between watching a movie or feeling a movie is just details, especially when it comes to horror stories. Unlike a movie theater, closer = better at home. If the TV is too far away, the picture is not clear enough and the pleasure is not complete enough.

Create the perfect sound.

It is extremely important to watch movie with great sound: every rustle, step and breath is an artistic element, an important detail of the narrative and simply the main companion of suspense

Where would you rather put your speakers? The bass is not strictly directional and spreads right across the room. In other words, you can put it anywhere but near a wall or some rattling object. Yes, it tickles the nerves even more, but the neighbors will not be happy.

The soundbar is better placed on the front edge of the table under the TV, not as close to the wall as possible. In this case, the sound will go straight into the room rather than being reflected off the TV. It is better to choose an advanced model with Dolby Atmos, as this technology creates an absolute sense of sound movement around the listener.

TV settings.

Since we have decided to get the most out of watching movies, we recommend checking the settings – suddenly someone from the household was watching a sports broadcast before and changed the mode.

  • TV settings (they are in most modern TV sets):
  • Cinema or Movie mode – for those who need a clear picture;
  • Vivid mode – increases saturation and brightness, but often reduces detail;
  • Sport Mode – optimal for watching live broadcasts;
  • Standard Mode – average between all the above.

Tip: For more realistic movie experience, watch movies on a TV that supports Dolby Vision technology. It features accurate colour reproduction, incredible brightness and contrast, and gives a deeper black that prevails in horror films.

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