How to Run Putlocker on TV

how to watch putlocker on tv

Putlocker is indeed one of the movie websites that offer movies for free. People usually run this website on their desktops, smartphones, and tablets. But, many users like to watch their favorite movies and tv shows on a big screen and with a proper home theater system to get that theatrical experience.

Here are some ways you can enjoy your movies by visiting Putlocker with your TV’s

  • Method 1:

This method is far too easy and can be considered a quick process. If you own a Smart TV then you can just open the default browser of your smart tv. The default browser depends on the company. Connect your smart tv with wifi and just type the URL of the website in the browser and you are good to go. In some cases, the video player will not play the video if your browser is outdated or your company is not that much mainstream. Then you have to update your browser and you are good to go

  • Method 2

You can run Putlocker website on a Normal TV. Smart TV is a new form of television and not many houses have access to them. People don’t need to buy a smart TV and waste their money they can just convert and have access to every smart feature in their normal tv with the help of some tweaks.

Here are 2 tweaks by which you can turn your normal TV into a smart TV and access some great websites:

  1. The first tweak requires a desktop or a laptop. A laptop generally contains a port, that port can be VGA, HDMI, or display port. If your laptop is old and your TV is also old then you must connect your tv and laptop with the help of a VGA cable. Nowadays every laptop has a proper HDMI port. You can connect your laptop and TV with the HDMI port and the television will act as a monitor for your laptop. Now you can access your laptop’s browser, games, and every software on your TV. Enjoy that on your big screen.
  2. Amazon and Redmi have launched their smart sticks. You can convert your normal TV into a smart TV by just plugging that stick in your television. The stick has its operating system and user interface that is loaded with lots of programs like browsers, video players, Netflix, Hotstar, and other major applications.