How to have a theatre-like experience at home

How to have a theatre-like experience at home

Now you can get a theatre-like experience at your home easily. In this article, we have made a list of devices that can transform your room into a theatre

How to have a theatre-like experience at home

  1. TV

The first thing that you will need to transform your room and have a theatrical experience is a Television. The ideal size would be 40 inches. To get the full 1080p experience, you need a 40-inch television. If you can upgrade your 1080p TV to a 4k TV, then that would enhance your experience. 

  1. Lighting

Ambient lighting is ideal for you. Don’t turn off all your lights, it will strain your eyes. Purchase some RGB light strips and paste the strips on the back of your television. Or you can purchase some high-quality lamps.

  1. Speakers

Some Televisions have really good speakers, but if you are not satisfied with your in-built speakers, then you can purchase a home theatre or wireless headphones. You cannot get a theatre-like experience if your sound setup sucks. 

  1. Prepare your meal before starting the movie

Watching a movie on an empty stomach is a huge dealbreaker for me. Now that you are watching a movie in your house, you can get some cheap popcorns and make them just before starting the movie. You can also order some food from cooking apps.

Now that you have turned your room into a theatre, you are on your journey to save more money on food, movie tickets, travel, and other bullshit things that you used to do. 

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You can also open Putlockers on the television and save additional costs on the expensive OTT services that you used to purchase. 

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