How do websites like Putlocker earns?


This is a question which people think very often. How websites like Putlocker earn money. So in this post, we will show you how they earn thousands of dollars every month without doing any hustle. 

Here are some ways through the website like Putlocker earns:-

1. Advertisement

Through advertisements, they earn their huge share of the money. It is a very simple way to earn money. Just post ads on desired pages and people will come to the website and see ads and they earn money. Every time a visitor sees an advertisement they will earn. So through advertising, they earn money while they sleep.

“Every time a person visits Putlocker for watching his desired movie. He can watch the movie for free but the website is earning money through advertisements and the original creator of that movie is earning nothing for his creation”

Now in advertisements there are so many types below are some.

  1. Banner ads
  2. Direct link ads
  3. Popup up ads

2. Banner ads 

Banner ads are the ads that a user sees while surfing the web pages. It is a very common form of advertisement and I am pretty much sure you also see this type of ad.

Direct link ads are those types of ads that redirect their user to another page which is promoted by publishers. That is why whenever you use these kinds of websites you will notice that you are currently redirected to another website while clicking on some particular places of a web page

4. Pop up ads 

This AD is the most dangerous of all the time. It appears suddenly on your screen and when you click on it your pc will be filled with viruses that can give serious damage to your PC. You can even lose all of your data.  

So these types of free entertainment websites which show movies for free can give you a huge loss. We recommend you not to visit sites which are spammy and banned by the government.

Just invest some money in your entertainment and watch movies on websites like Hulu, HBO go. They are worth your money and even if you don’t have money to spend on these websites just watch movies on free legal alternatives. It’s that simple I hope you guys know now how websites like Putlockers earn money


In the end, I just want to say that your safety and privacy are very important and when you visit these websites you give control of your digital life to some fishy and dangerous developers. They can do whatever they want with your data. So be safe visit websites which are authentic and reliable 

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