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Hollywood movies that were beyond Imagination

In today’s era, Evil might scare us to death but humans have become so cruel these days that they’ll for sure kill you to death for their personal benefits.

Movies like “A Quiet Place” and “Don’t Breathe” have changed the definition of horror movies and due to these there was a new genre of movies added to the list of movies which is popular as “Horror thriller”.

In this post, we’ll be sharing the list of movies to watch that you might not have expected to haunt you for a few days. The unimaginable concept makes these movies unique and scary, that’s the reason we consider these Hollywood movies beyond imagination.

Train to Busan (2016)

Train to Busan is a zombie movie in which a train going to Busan is attacked by a whole army of Zombies. It has plenty of action scenes, drama and emotional content. The Cast has done justice to their characters. All in all, this is one movie you just can’t miss. 

Tremors (1990)

Even though this movie was released a long time back but it is one of the must watch movies in the horror genre. The story of Tremors revolves around a creature who resides in a barren land and as soon as any movement takes place, the creature would prey. 

Bird Box (2018)

Bird Box is a Sci-fi horror movie. It is a popular movie released on Netflix. The story revolves around unknown supernatural powers which if seen by anyone, will kill himself. In such a strange circumstance, a woman with her son and daughter is on the journey to survival. The movie will give plenty of scary and shocking moments.  

Orphan (2009)

This movie will probably leave you in shock. The story of “Orphan” revolves around a couple who adopt an orphan girl. There are so many secrets hidden with this girl. We can’t doubt that this movie may mentally disturb you with horror. The cast has done an excellent job which makes it a must watch movie. 

Crawl (2019)

If you have reached the extreme limit of watching horror movies and looking to watch something new, then this movie is for you. The story of Crawl revolves around a father and daughters, who are stuck in a hurricane. The water rises to a very high level due to which many alligators enter the house. Then comes the real twist and turns of horror as they need to survive through odds. 

Wolf Creek (2005)

Hatred can force us to destruction. Wolf Creek has two parts and the concept of both remains the same. The story revolves around a person who is brutal and hates tourists to death. The hunt for the tourists goes on and of course there’s brutal murders involved. This movie is the one that will break the stereotype of classic horror movies where one ghost will be the main element of horror.

Carrie (2013)

The story of Carrie revolves around a shy and weird lady who has some sort of supernatural powers which is not known to her. She realises and explores her powers when she is insulted in a school party and then the movie starts giving goosebumps. We would love to tell you more on this but we can’t give you a spoiler before you watch this movie.

Silence (2019)

This movie is in the list just because of its unique concept. It involves a creature which would attack in groups and there is no escape as they can hear even the sound pin dropping. The story revolves around a family who is trying to survive. If you want to know whether they are able to survive or not then this movie is a must watch for you. Also, this can be said to be a double horror between creatures and humans. 

Eden Lake (2008)

The Story of Eden lake revolves around a couple who decides to take a break from their life and decides to spend their vacation at a lakeside which is far from the city. However, some of the teenagers play pranks on them which results in ruining their vacation. A very simple story but there is very much darkness in it as it involves plenty of brutal and vigilant scenes. 

ELI (2010)

The story of Eli revolves around a kid who is having a rare disease and he goes for treatment in an apartment which is further discovered to be haunted. This movie is amongst those which will give a feeling of something unusual happening around. All the unusual activities taking place in the movie is gradually shown by breaking the horrifying suspense.

The Movie is on the list because of its presentation of unique and horrifying scenes.

Final Words

These are some of the movies, you won’t have expected to be the way they are. All of these are from Horror Genre and we’ll soon be posting more movies from different genres.

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