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Hollywood has shelled out stratospheric figures for some roles, not all of them top (but there are only men in the top ten). And it’s not just Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio on the list

That’s not to say that Tom Cruise, who earns three times the salary of his strongest colleagues, is the richest in Hollywood. It is true that Dwayne Johnson took almost a quarter of the 100 million paid for Top Gun Maverick.

So who are the 10 actors who got a bigger check for a performance this year. Lets start.

1- Tom Cruise ($100 million for Top Gun: Maverick)

Tom Cruise ‘s $100 Million Check for Top Gun Sequel Is Three Times What a Colleague Gets Paid But it paid off: Maverick grossed the largest amount in the 60-year-old actor’s career. For those who missed it, it’s available on Putlocker.

2- Will Smith ($35 million for Emancipation)

Although Will Smith slapped the introduced Chris Rock live at the Academy Awards ceremony (for which he won the statuette for best actor), but before he was almost ostracized from Hollywood, he received a pretty good amount for Emancipation he was paid 35 million (film is available on AppleTV+).

3- Leonardo DiCaprio ($30 million for Killers of the flower moon)

Leonardo DiCaprio ‘s new project with director Martin Scorsese is dedicated to civil rights. He pocketed $30 million for Killers of the Flower Moon . The film will arrive in theaters soon.

4- Brad Pitt ($30 million for F1 movie)

Brad Pitt is making a Formula 1 movie for which he was paid 30 million dollars. The project does not yet have a title and is currently being delayed due to the writers’ strike.

5- Dwayne Johnson ($22.5 million for Black Adam)

The Rock portrayed the superhero Black Adam for DC Comics earning $22.5 million. Social media adore him, the public idolizes him and not only for the artistic performances he remains one of the most helpful, kind and humble actors in Hollywood. He deserves that 829 million fortune that puts him at the top of the Olympus of superstars

6- Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds ($20 million for Spirited)

The Christmas musical Spirited , a must-see gem on AppleTV, stars the two protagonists Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds with an even salary, $ 20 million.

7- Chris Hemsworth ($20 million for Extraction 2)

The Thor star was paid $20 million by Netflix to return as action hero Tyler Rake. Currently, however, the actor wants to take a break from acting due to health problems.

8- Vin Diesel ($20 million for Fast X)

There is still a film in the ** Fast and Furious ** saga for Vin Diesel but this chapter, shot almost entirely in Rome, earned him 20 million dollars. And he is the driving force behind this artistic family with Hollywood’s A-list. The blockbuster arrives on DVD, BLU-RAY, 4K UHD and STEELBOOK 4K UHD from August 24th distributed by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and from August 10th on the main digital platforms.

9- Tom Hardy for Venom 3 and Denzel Washington for The Equalizer ($20 million)

Good things come in threes the third chapter of Tom Hardy ‘s anti-hero Venom and avenger Denzel Washington in Equalizer are worth their respective protagonists a check for 20 million dollars. For the record, the Oscar winner shot part of the film on the Amalfi coast and Dakota Fanning is also back for the occasion.

10- Joaquin Phoenix ($20 million for Joker 2)

Joaquin Phoenix won the Oscar Award with The Joker , for the second chapter with Lady Gaga he takes home 20 million dollars. Well deserved!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who is No 1 highest paid actor in the world?

Tom Cruise

Who is the highest paid actor 2023?

Tom Cruise

Who is richest Hollywood actor?

Jerry Seinfeld

Who is richest actors of bollywood?

Shah Rukh Khan

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